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One of Coda's overarching goals is to help developers and business owners consolidate their information on a single platform. This simplifies the lives of both document and technical specialists. This means you can import data from almost any source, such as Jira, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Slack, to name a few. Coda, unlike specialty workflow tools, provides a collection of robust building pieces that allow you to construct the tools your team needs. Furthermore, as you might expect, Coda contains reusable UI components like tables and buttons that you can utilize to bring your app to life.


Coda pricing is based on the Doc Makers, they have 4 different plans: free ($0/month and free for the whole team), Pro ($10/ month per Doc Maker with unlimited editors & viewers), Team ($30/month per Doc Maker with unlimited editors & viewers) and Enterprise that is custom for every company but everything for everyone. Extra features depend on the chosen plan.

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