Airtable is a no-code platform that functions like a spreadsheet but with a database capacity. Users may easily drag and drop data, columns, and formulas to design workflows, automate monotonous activities, and interact in real-time. Anyone may quickly establish a database because of the user interface's clarity, brightness, and friendliness. With Airtable, you can create whatever kind of app you need, whether it be for marketing, HR projects, or content operations. The platform enables users to quickly build a database with the relevant data, then use it as the basis for integrations, processes, and visualizations to develop a custom app that is one-of-a-kind for them. Five fundamental parts make up an Airtable database: bases, tables, fields, records, and views.


Airtable has 4 different plans. Free ($0/mo)for those individuals getting started with Airtable, Plus ($12/mo) for teams looking to create a single source of truth to manage their workflows and processes, Pro ($24/mo) for teams and companies who need to create workflows & apps to run their most important processes across their orgs, Enterprise (custom price) for departments and organizations who have advanced customization, scale, security, control and support needs

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