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“The launch went extremely well! We loved how easy it was to use/navigate, the design is spectacular! Your work is invaluable!” - Tasha Apau, Sr. Compensation Analyst @ Zapier

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The salary calculation tool crafted by LowCode Agency has significantly enhanced our employee experience. Now, our team members can effortlessly access accurate salary ranges, which has promoted transparency.

Tasha Apau


Sr. Compensation Analyst


Investing in custom apps for your business pays off

Reduction in errors
In savings
Streamlined business
We build your app fast

Get your app built in just 5 weeks

Cost effective
We provide swift app development using a fixed scope and price model, drastically reducing time and costs compared to traditional methods.
Continuous Support
We're a team who is here to support not only your app build, but also future iterations, changes, updates and additional features. We're your tech partner.
Time is money
You need your app yesterday; we're here to help you start saving time and money with your custom app in less than a month.
Our services

Custom automation workflows for your business

Quick integrations
Connect your existing tools and software and sync all your data.
All your data in one place
We gather, organize, and centralize all your data for you, creating a single data hub.
Automation and AI consulting
We analyze your operations to discover automation opportunities and opportunities to implement AI to make your business work better.
Ongoing assistance
We provide continuous support to ensure your automation stays optimized.

Our client's success stories

Proven results on every single project we've worked on

Business Automation

The launch went extremely well! We liked how easy it was to use/navigate, and it's been pretty easy to update on our end. The help you provided was invaluable.
boost in employee satisfaction
improvement in transparency

Tasha Apau


Sr. Compensation Analyst


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Automate your business in 5 weeks with a 3-step plan

1 Contact us
Book a discovery call to discuss your needs. We'll create an action plan outlining project scope, investment, timeline, and deliverables - so you know exactly what to expect.
2 Our process
According to our clients, our process is unmatched.

Track your project's progress anytime in our client portal. With clear communication and regular check-ins with your project manager, we ensure an exceptional outcome.
3 Outcome
See your vision come to life as we transform concepts and designs into reality.
Unlock new success for your innovative, quality-driven business.
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What our experts can do for your business

Connect yours tack
We integrate your tech stack, creating unified workflows that enhance efficiency.
Efficient workflow management
Take control of your business operations, with streamlined workflow management.
Advanced security measures
Our no-code automation incorporates cutting-edge security to shield your business from potential threats.
Data-driven insights
Unlock valuable data and metrics with no-code automation. Make informed business decisions.
AI-powered solutions
We exploit AI to craft resourceful solutions tailored to your business needs.
Customized experience
We take your data and build the perfect app to streamline your operations.
The launch went extremely well! We liked how easy it was to use/navigate, and it's been pretty easy to update on our end. The help you provided was invaluable.

Tasha Apau


Sr. Compensation Analyst


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Administration & Office Support


Empowering your success

Why customers trust us for no-code development

We’ve built 290+ amazing projects with no-code.
Our process-oriented approach ensures a stress-free experience.
With a 16-strong team, we’ll support your business growth.

Custom app ROI calculator

Discover your savings with automation

Is your team doing repetitive tasks? Stop wasting money, and get a custom solution that not only saves you time, but also reduces mistakes and makes your team more productive!

Enter the total number of team members who handle a specific process.
Indicate how many hours on average it takes to finish the process once.
What is the frequency of this process?
Input the average hourly wage for employees involved in the process.
We have automated processes up to 90%.

Guaranteed 25% time savings

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take?

It takes around a month, starting with project scoping. Once the scope is clear, we move on to creating the wireframe, a basic layout of your app, and then a high-fidelity version of your app's design. This usually takes about a week. Once the design is finalized and approved, we dive into building your solution. This phase might take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the platform chosen and the complexity of your project. Our minimum is $7,000 for a small business app. You can use our app's cost calculator to get a better idea of pricing.

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance after the handoff?

Absolutely! We're committed to ensuring your long-term success. We have a handoff call with you where we do a full walk-through of how the software works and how your solution is built. On top of that, we provide a ton of written and video documentation.

Wondering how versatile low-code/no-code can be?

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