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“We are thrilled with our app. Can’t wait to automate more processes in our business with Jesus and his team at LowCode” - Jorge Valcourt, CEO @ Behavioural Health

Brands that work with us

Their team stands out for their expertise and efficiency. They have a smooth and straightforward project process. We strongly recommend LowCode Agency to any business seeking a skilled partner that promises not only professional excellence but also a truly wonderful collaboration experience.

Todd Connell

Director of Beverage Operations



Investing in custom apps for your business pays off

Reduction in errors
In savings
Streamlined business
We build your app fast

Get your app built in just 5 weeks

Cost effective
We provide swift app development using a fixed scope and price model, drastically reducing time and costs compared to traditional methods.
Continuous Support
We're a team who is here to support not only your app build, but also future iterations, changes, updates and additional features. We're your tech partner.
Time is money
You need your app yesterday; we're here to help you start saving time and money with your custom app in less than a month.

Why Glide Apps

Curious to learn more about the capabilities of Glide? Check out our extensive Glide Apps guide to discover how you can build custom apps quickly and easily with this powerful no-code tool.

Knowledge base
Glide offers a user-friendly learning experience with an extensive and comprehensive University section to help users quickly grasp its features.
Intuitive Backend Design
Glide's backend is designed with clarity in mind, simplifying the process of connecting various column types and frontend elements, while still offering powerful functionality.
Commitment to Innovation
The Glide team is dedicated to ongoing innovation, ensuring that the platform stays in line with the latest technology trends and advancements, including AI, compliance and more.
Glide's user-friendly platform enables easy adjustments and personalization, empowering you to maintain control even after project completion.

Our client's success stories

Proven results on every single project we've worked on

Apps for Business

LowCode Agency's app boosted team productivity by 50% and helped improve customer satisfaction through a seamless user experience
reduced approval times
boost in team productivity
Ryan Jaskiewicz

Ryan Jaskiewicz


12five Capital

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12five Capital


It's amazing what the LowCode team built with Glide and AI!
increase in completed lessons
approval rating from users

Nibras Clapp


Language Keeper

Read Case Study
Language Keeper

Apps for Business

One agency that truly delivers results - Jesus and his team helped us achieve a 45% increase in lead conversion rates with our new app.
boost in team productivity
increase in lead conversion rates
Harris Kenny

Harris Kenny



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Get your Glide app in 5 weeks with a 3-step plan

1 Contact us
Book a discovery call to discuss your needs. We'll create an action plan outlining project scope, investment, timeline, and deliverables - so you know exactly what to expect.
2 Our process
According to our clients, our process is unmatched.

Track your project's progress anytime in our client portal. With clear communication and regular check-ins with your project manager, we ensure an exceptional outcome.
3 Outcome
See your vision come to life as we transform concepts and designs into reality.
Unlock new success for your innovative, quality-driven business.
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Anything you need

Discover what our expert Glide agency can create for you

MVPs (Minimum Viable Products)

Get a custom no-code MVP that is user-friendly, functional, and cost-effective. This will help reduce risk and test the market for your app idea.

AI Apps for Business

Transform your business with custom solutions that are AI-enabled and built just for you. Streamline your processes and centralize your data for better decision-making, achieving the highest ROI for your business.

Business Automation

Achieve seamless business automation with a tailored, efficient, and budget-friendly solution. Minimize risks and enhance productivity for your enterprise.

The platform LowCode Agency crafted for us is incredibly professional, a true 10x improvement over our prior system.
Dylan Dickman

Dylan Dickman


Our Glide case studies


Real Estate & Property





Language Keeper


Language Keeper

Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

StraightUp Collective

Food & Drink

StraightUp Collective





Human Resources & Recruitment



Administration & Office Support


Empowering your success

Why customers trust us for no-code development

We’ve built 290+ amazing projects with no-code.
Our process-oriented approach ensures a stress-free experience.
With a 16-strong team, we’ll support your business growth.

Custom app ROI calculator

Discover your savings with automation

Is your team doing repetitive tasks? Stop wasting money, and get a custom solution that not only saves you time, but also reduces mistakes and makes your team more productive!

Enter the total number of team members who handle a specific process.
Indicate how many hours on average it takes to finish the process once.
What is the frequency of this process?
Input the average hourly wage for employees involved in the process.
We have automated processes up to 90%.

Guaranteed 25% time savings

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to build a Glide app with your agency and how long does it take?

The cost will depend on the complexity of your project. Our minimum is $7,000 for a small, internal business app. You can use our app's cost calculator to get a better idea of pricing.

The development of a Glide app typically takes 4 to 7 weeks. But please note that the actual timeline may vary based on each project.

What is your development process and how do you ensure communication during the process?

Our development process begins with scoping your project and sending a proposal. Once approved, we create a wireframe that we'll review together to ensure it aligns with your requirements. Then, we move into the app-building phase. Throughout this journey, you'll have a dedicated project manager to keep you informed, address your queries, and ensure smooth progress. When your app is ready, we provide the necessary training and support. Your project's success is our priority, and we’re here to support you in the long run.

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance after the Glide app handoff?

Absolutely. We're committed to ensuring your long-term success with your Glide app. We have a handoff call with you where we do a full walk-through of how the software works and how your project is built. On top of that, we provide a ton of written and video documentation. Our support doesn't end there - We help you with app maintenance and develop additional features as your business grows. Think of us as your long-term partner!

Are Glide apps built by your agency robust and secure, like traditionally coded apps?

Yes! Glide apps built by our agency are designed to be robust and secure, just like traditionally coded apps. We adhere to industry best practices for security and follow rigorous development standards to ensure the integrity and reliability of your app. We take the security of your app seriously, and our team of experienced developers prioritizes data security, performance, and quality assurance.

Wondering how versatile low-code/no-code can be?

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