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Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio is a tool that will allow you to build apps without having to write a single line of code. It is a fan favorite among no-code platforms because of how easy to learn it is. Bravo Studio has templates available to help you build apps for almost any industry among which the following stand out: healthcare & medical, hospitality & tourism, and sales.

Bravo Studio Features

Fans of Bravo Studio love it for its most recognizable features: 

  • Design on Figma or Adobe XD
  • Connect external data source with a REST API
  • You can also use Apple’s TestFlight or install Android’s APK directly on your Android device
  • Publish your app on App Store and Google Play Store
  • Your app can offer subscriptions for digital products and services
  • Various design elements including sliders, pop up pages, top bars, intro pages, reveal animations, modal pages, etc
  • Spice up your app with components such as charts, maps and share location, video background, GIF, lottie, web view, flexible text, markdown text, and HTML text.
  • Great functionalities, e.g., download files, scan QR, search and filter, open PDF, etc.

Bravo Studio Prices

The pricing plans available are the following:

  •    Bravo (Free)
  •    Olé (19€ /mo)
  •    Pro App Upgrade (Olé + 19€ /mo)
  •    Business App Upgrade (Olé + 199€ /mo)
  •    Support Package (custom price)

*Free trial available

Bravo Studio Integrations and Plugins

On the API side of things, you’ll find that Bravo Studio connects with various tools such as:

  • Backendless API.
  • Notion API.
  • Xano API.

Bravo Studio integrates with the following platforms for flexibility and ease of use:

  • OAuth 2.0
  • Firebase
  • Make (formerly Integromat)
  • Stripe
  • One Signal Push Notification
  • Zapier
  • Lottiefiles
  • Figma


Bravo Studio will allow you to build a Native apps with a visual editor. We think that its main benefits are the following:

  • Flawless Integration with third-party tools
  • Amazing for Figma designers


Its drawbacks, on the other hand, are these:

  • Slow and barely responsive
  • Works on selected mobile phones only
  • The loading screen is takes too long
  • Email confirmation code takes too long to arrive

Bravo Studio Documentation and Support

Bravo Studio has a comprehensive knowledge base to help you learn how to use it. If you ever find that you need any help in using the app, and depending on which plan you go for, you will have good customer support available. It also has good ratings across the board. 

You’ll find that you have high control over your app’s design, with its drag and drop interface. You might also notice that Bravo Studio is not very responsive. You can use the following databases to fuel/feed your app, which means that these platforms can be used as a data source for your app:

  • Google Sheets
  • Airtable
  • Bubble
  • Typeform
  • Wordpress
  • Notion
  • Webflow

You can share your app with whoever you want via a link. In terms of security, we think that Bravo Studio is pretty secure.

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