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Adalo is a platform for developing apps that let consumers create web pages and apps without knowing how to code in three simple steps: 1. Components: Create your app's interface by dragging and dropping reusable building blocks. 2. Actions: Connect the pages of your app to bring it to life. 3. Database: Use simple database spreadsheets to transition from prototype to finished app. The software platform contains an integrated database that allows users to access data without duplicating it. It is very simple to operate and requires almost no learning time to reach its full capabilities. Adalo can also create native mobile apps for Android and iOS, which might be a significant advantage. Adalo was created with small-to-medium enterprises (SMBs), amateurs, independent contractors, and startups in mind. Anyone who wants to create a mobile app without knowing how to code can use it, as can people who are completely new to web development and wish to create their website or app.


Adalo has three type of plans: Explore Plan($0/mo) perfect if you have an idea for an app and want to get started, Pro Plan ($50/mo) perfect if you're launching the first version of your app and Business Plan ($200/mo) perfect for your team to grow, iterate, and scale your app to reach everyone.

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