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Glide is a specialized no-code platform and tool that relies on Google Sheets to fuel an app’s data. Thanks to this process, you'll have total control over your data in Glide's visual interface. Without writing any code, you can interact with your newly generated database in the same way that you would with a spreadsheet. Glide offers a visual interface for data manipulation as opposed to the command line that traditional databases often provide. You can experiment with a lot of its features, including a user list, a chat interface, a map view, and much more. Glide is designed for users whose top priority is coming up with a solution as quickly as they can. Almost all no-code tools have learning curves, but Glide has one of the shortest. If you are new to the no-code movement and need a quick solution to your no-code demands, this is a fantastic option. Additionally, Glide provides a wide range of templates appropriate for many typical business procedures (i.e., sales, human resources, etc.). Select a template, link a spreadsheet, make adjustments, launch, and voilà!


Glide has three products: Starter ($25/mo) for individuals building a few small apps, Pro ($99/mo) for teams building apps for many public & private users and Business ($249/mo) for businesses building many large apps for employees & customers. *Features depend on chosen plan

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