Zendesk Sunshine

Zendesk Sunshine  is a tool that will allow you to build CRMs without having to write a single line of code. It is a fan favorite among no-code platforms because of how easy to learn it is. Zendesk Sunshine has templates available to help you build CRMs for the following industries: information & communication technology, science & technology.

Zendesk Sunshine Features

Fans of Zendesk Sunshine  love it for its most recognizable features: 

  • Sunshine delivers the scale and security of the public cloud—meaning trust and compliance are built right into your business
  • Put what you know to work. Adjust the Zendesk data model so that it’s accessible, usable, and just right for your business. You can capture activity, like when an order is placed, and customer attributes, like their shoe size. All of it adds up to a single view of the customer.
  • No matter where you are in your support journey, there’s plenty of options to make things easier on your team, speed up resolutions for customers, and improve your agent productivity.
  • You don’t need to know code to start working with Sunshine. But if you do, good news. You can meet the needs of your business—and the people in it—by making Zendesk work better for them.
  •  Bring together different systems to create natural conversations, so customers can message your business the way they’d message a friend.

Zendesk Sunshine Pricing

The pricing plans available are the following:

Zendesk for service (billed annually)

  • Suite Team ($49 /mo)
  • Suite Growth ($79 /mo)
  • Suite Professional ($99 /mo)

Plans for enterprise (billed annually)

  • Suite Enterprise ($150 /mo)

Zendesk for teams (billed annually)

  • Team ($19 /mo)
  • Growth ($49 /mo)
  •  Professional ($99 /mo)

Zendesk Sunshine  Integrations and Plugins

On the API side of things, you’ll find that Zendesk Sunshine  connects with various tools such as

  • Dialpad
  • 55PBX Softphone PABX Virtual
  • Klaus
  • Kaizo
  • Nicereply
  • Help Desk Migration
  • Recurring Tickets
  • Notify
  • Hide Ticket Fields
  • Zoom Meetings by Faye
  • EZOfficeInventory
  • ChargeDesk for Zendesk Chat
  • ChargeDesk for Zendesk Sell
  • ChargeDesk
  • Google Play Reviews
  • Trello
  • Reminders
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify for Zendesk
  • Harvest


  • Can Integrate with third-party chatbot platforms like DeepConverse, Ada etc.


  • Customer service is lacking. Response time for inquiries often takes weeks
  • it's a bit slow to open when connected to a VPN

Zendesk Sunshine  Documentation and Support

Zendesk Sunshine has a comprehensive knowledge base to help you learn how to use it. If you ever find that you need any help in using the app, and depending on which plan you go for, you will have good customer support available. It has good ratings across the board. 

You’ll find that you have gigh control over your CRMs design, with its workflow based interface. You might also notice that Zendesk Sunshine is very responsive and highly secure.

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