Top 18 Glide app templates for no-code development

Top 18 Glide app templates for no-code development

Glide is a popular no-code app builder that enables users to create fully functional mobile and web applications with ease, without requiring any coding knowledge. One of the key features of Glide that makes it stand out is its vast collection of customizable templates, which allow users to quickly build apps with pre-built designs and functionalities. Whether you are building an app for your business, a personal project, or a large enterprise, Glide offers a wide range of templates to choose from, making app development faster and more accessible than ever before. In this article, we will explore some of the best Glide app builder templates available and how you can use them to create powerful applications.

Why are Glide templates useful? 

Yes, no code templates are a shortcut and, oftentimes, when it comes to technology and design, shortcuts are necessary. Being able to count on ready-made templates can save you and your employees tons of time working out details, leaving you in a position to invest resources where they are most needed. 

Glide templates have been used to make more than a million apps for all kinds of business areas and industries. Glide is a top no-code platform because it has a visual development interface that enables non-technical people to design complex mobile apps in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code.

Glide templates convert spreadsheets into enticing, simple-to-use apps without requiring any coding. The ability to sync data from Google or Microsoft spreadsheets with your app is one of Glide’s unique capabilities. You just need to select a spreadsheet or start with a template, then add your information and share it with whoever you like.

 A large number of pre-made templates are included with Glide to speed up development and design. You don’t have to start from scratch, use these templates to stay on schedule.

Let’s go over some of the most popular templates that businesses and everybody can use to make their apps look the best!

Marketplace app

Setting up your very own marketplace is sure to feel absolutely intuitive with this template that allows you to set up items in a way that makes them easy for others to browse through. 

You can include lists of offers and even feature a wishlist section to make the shopping process as comfortable as possible. 

This template includes a home page with a list of products and a search tool, a section for saved items, and messages. 

Marketplace Glide App Template

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Maintenance portal

The "Maintenance Portal" is built for you to ditch spreadsheets and help you with tracking, ticketing, and lifecycle planning. Add vehicles, equipment, or anything, and monitor their status with ease. Create and manage maintenance tasks seamlessly, ensuring smooth workflow and happy teams. 

Anticipate future needs with powerful lifecycle management, keeping everything running like clockwork. Admins have control over managing users and adding new assets. One central hub holds all your information, eliminating scattered details and creating a single source of truth for everyone. This isn't just for vehicles – the "Maintenance Portal" flexes for any asset, from facilities to equipment. 

Maintenance Portal Glide App Template

Inventory & orders tracker

Juggling clients, orders, and products? This Glide template wrangles it all. Build a client database with purchase history and notes. Streamline orders from creation to delivery, with real-time progress tracking. 

Manage all your products – descriptions, images, variants, pricing – and set low-stock alerts to avoid stockouts. Dive into reports and analytics to uncover sales and customer insights. You can set team roles and permissions to stay organized with your collaborators.

Inventory & Orders Tracker Glide App Template

Learning Management System (LMS)

Craft impactful online courses with this Glide template. You can organize modules and lessons, offer paid and free options, and ignite engagement with learner ratings and reviews. Admins will be able to manage users, enrollments, and permissions. 

Make it your own with visual branding customizations - logo, colors, titles, even white-labeled emails - for a complete branded experience. It’s responsive so users can keep up with their learning on any device.

Learning Management System Glide App Template

Company dashboard

Upgrade your operations with this Company Dashboard. Simplify your workflow with invoice tracking, documentation management, and leave request processing.

It includes asset tracking, to manage and assign both digital and physical assets, from laptops to tools. Optimize resource utilization, boost accountability, and always know where everything is.

Keep everyone informed with one central platform for announcements and updates. Company news travels fast, ensuring everyone is always in the loop. No more missed information or silos.

Company Dashboard Glide Template

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Task manager app

Task Manager Glide App Template

Keeping everyone on task is one of the toughest jobs, especially when you’re talking about managing a lot of people. However, thanks to this template, you can keep an eye on things in a way that’s clear, particularly in terms of seeing how far people are in their areas. 

The template includes a list of the user’s tasks and can add tasks as well as an archive of tasks. 

Task Manager Glide App Template

Real estate listings

This Glide template lets you manage and showcase your property portfolio like a pro. Effortlessly add, edit, and update listings, complete with image galleries. search filters help clients find their perfect match, while instant inquiry emails keep you connected. 

It's mobile-friendly so you can keep up with your portfolio anywhere, anytime. Secure logins keep things private, and flexible customization lets you tailor the app to your needs. Go beyond listings: track clients, manage paperwork, and schedule showings. This app saves time, impresses clients, and boosts your efficiency.

Real Estate Listings Glide App Template

Company conference

Navigate your conference like a pro! The Conference app puts speakers, schedules, maps, and talk details at your fingertips. Connect with fellow attendees, spark conversations, and schedule impromptu meetings. Stay on top of every session with the simple scheduling, set reminders for must-see talks, and filter by speaker or topic. Discover captivating speakers, read their bios, and even submit live questions for interactive sessions. Simple planning, and enhanced engagement, to conquer any conference.

Company Conference Glide Template

Ticket & support AI system

For businesses seeking efficiency and simplicity, this is the tool you've been looking for. It’s effortless for users, who can submit tickets, track progress, and chat with agents, all within a sleek, intuitive interface.

AI will prioritize tickets, suggest solutions, and even draft responses, freeing your team to focus on the human touch. The team has access to a built-in chat system for internal communications. Meanwhile, you gather important insights on customer needs, support trends, and team performance.

Ticket & Support AI System Glide Template

CRM app

Company CRM Custom Template

Keeping your contacts in order can be challenging when they start to accumulate. With this template, it is a cinch to look them up and to add new ones. And not just contacts, you can save company names as well.

The great thing is that you can attach their corresponding contracts so that the whole team can review them whenever they need to. If you are looking to build a system like this from scratch, our guide on building a no-code CRM may be of interest.

This template includes a list of companies, contracts, and contacts and specifies the number of companies, contracts, and contacts. 

Company CRM Glide Custom Template

KPI tracker

This Glide template empowers employees to take the wheel of their performance. Track personal goals with weekly check-ins and real-time insights. Spark up 1:1 coffee chats, share knowledge, and celebrate wins with virtual high fives – building a culture of support and motivation. 

Employees can manage their workload with a sleek to-do list, set deadlines, and track progress in a single, beautiful dashboard. You can also customize the app to your brand and workflow, making it yours and yours alone.

KPI Tracker Glide App Template

Rental items manager

Take control of your rental fleet, whether it's RV lots, bikes, tools, or anything else you offer. Easily add items, assign them to customers, and track availability with a glance.

Rental Items Manager Template

Bar menu

Craft your perfect bar menu, effortlessly. Showcase drinks, manage availability, and empower customers with our Bar Menu template. Feature your finest creations, categorize them, and let clients rate their favorites. Simple, customizable, and ready to impress. 

Bar Menu Glide Template

My hotel

Managing hotel operations and elevating guest experiences is easy with My Hotel, the all-in-one app built for efficiency! For the guests, this means effortless check-in and checkout, managing reservations, updating preferences, and accessing room keys conveniently through the app. They can discover and book tours, events, and experiences right from their fingertips. Plus, it lets them submit requests to the staff, order meals, request amenities, and track delivery status. 

The staff and administrators can track availability, manage bookings, and assign rooms efficiently. Also, gain valuable analytics on guest preferences, booking trends, and hotel performance. The app can also be connected to your existing systems!

My Hotel Glide Template


An all-in-one app for event management, from scheduling crews to tracking expenses and invoicing.

Organize like a pro: plan events, assign crew, and track availability. Generate professional quotes in minutes, and land more gigs. Stay on top of expenses, and send invoices with a click. See all your events and crew in one place with a clean dashboard. On-the-go! You can access everything from your phone.

CrewBox Glide Template

Our check-in

Our Check-In is a versatile tool for classrooms, teams, and more! Take the pulse of your group: Whether it's a lively classroom, a team meeting, or any gathering, Check-In lets you quickly gauge everyone's mood and well-being.

Foster empathy, build connections and create a space where everyone feels heard and valued. Our Check-In helps you build a more supportive and engaged environment.

Our Check-in Glide Template


An app to take control of your delivery operations, from dispatching drivers to tracking orders and optimizing routes. Assign drivers, manage schedules, and track progress in real-time. Plan optimized routes, ensure timely deliveries, and keep drivers on track. It keeps customers informed with delivery updates and ETA notifications.

Delivery Glide Template

Issue tracker

This intuitive app empowers everyone to report, track, and resolve workplace issues with ease. Users can pinpoint issues on a map, capture details, and attach photos for clarity. Submit issues from anywhere, anytime. The app also generates automated reports for easy tracking and analysis.

Assign & resolve: find the right person for the job with a tap, monitor the resolution status, and keep everyone informed. 

Issue Tracker Glide Template

How to choose a Glide template?

Choosing the best Glide template for your purpose is a matter of answering some pretty basic questions most of the time. The breadth of areas for which there are app templates at Glide is nothing short of impressive and downright inspiring. For businesses alone, there are templates to manage sales, customers, finance, HR, and all kinds of operations and planning purposes.

While you may be under the impression that they are mostly for businesses, the truth of the matter is that they have blown up into many other areas as well. Just to mention a few, there are templates for health, education, hobbies, holidays, and even holidays! 

Bottom line

Glide offers templates to be applied to a variety of different scenarios. If you’re new to app building, you’re strongly encouraged to browse through them to get an idea of what they’re capable of. 

The great thing is that you can use more than one for a single project so that they may complement each other and yield better outcomes in the end. 

Glide templates are designed to facilitate the process of addressing the needs of all sorts of different projects. Whether you need help in the professional or personal realm, they can change your day-to-day life for the better, all within a framework that’s easy to understand and adapt to.

You can always customize them to fit your needs and professional outlook. A lot of people don’t realize how immensely this can help their business, not just for the sake of looking professional, but to get a better grasp of what their business and their goals are all about.

Let us help you create a fully functional, user-friendly app tailored to your needs. Don’t wait any longer, book a free discovery call with us today and kickstart your Glide app project!

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