+20 inspiring Glide app examples for 2024
+20 inspiring Glide app examples for 2024

+20 inspiring Glide app examples for 2024

Are you looking to build an app for your business but don't know where to start? Look no further than Glide! Glide is a powerful no-code app builder that enables anyone to create mobile and web applications quickly and easily. However, why start from scratch when there are some of the best Glide app examples available?

In this article, we'll showcase some of the most innovative and functional apps built using Glide. From directories and marketing to education and healthcare, these Glide app examples demonstrate the versatility and potential of no-code/low-code development. Get ready to be inspired and learn how you can create your own amazing app with Glide.

Custom drink recipe + inventory management solution

  • App name: StraightUp Collective
  • Link: Straight Up Collective
  • About the app: StraightUp Collective is a unique recipe generation app, specifically focused on drinks. It serves as an all-in-one solution for managing clients, inventory, recipes, and reporting. Super Admins can create and customize drink recipes, automatically calculating costs and calories based on the selected ingredients. Clients can be assigned specific recipes, and a comprehensive inventory system helps manage stock. A special read-only Admin role allows certain users to view all data without modifying it. The app also includes a robust reports section, providing insights into inventory value and the cost per item, streamlining the process for both internal management and client handling within the beverage industry.

Integrated medical appointment and patient engagement platform

  • App name: Utah Spine
  • Link: Utah Spine Specialists
  • About the app: Utah Spine is a medical appointment management app tailored for a healthcare and therapeutic center. It facilitates both internal management by administrators and provides a convenient interface for patients. Features include the ability for patients to view and manage upcoming appointments, complete assigned forms and homework, purchase clinic products, and even earn and redeem rewards. The app seamlessly integrates with the clinic's Shopify store, allowing for an enhanced shopping experience. Patients can also rate and review the clinic through the app, contributing to a more transparent and engaging relationship between the clinic and its clients.

Pet recovery guide

  • App name: Surgery Sam
  • About the app: Surgery Sam is a medical app designed to assist pet owners in helping their pets recover after surgery. It provides a series of instructional videos that include tips and techniques for each day of the pet's recovery process. The app offers valuable guidance on how to care for pets post-surgery, to guarantee a smooth and comfortable recovery. The user-friendly interface and expert insights make it an essential tool for pet owners facing the challenge of post-surgical care.

Equestrian marketplace

  • App name: Equestrian International
  • Link:
  • About the app: Equestrian International is a business app designed for horse enthusiasts and buyers. It allows users to search and filter horses based on their preferences, such as price, type, age, height, and color. Horses are available for purchase or lease, and users can make a purchase request to the app owner. Features include the ability to view videos and images of the horses, automated email notifications for matching interests, and a convenient way for users to express interest in a horse, initiating dialogue with the admin. The app serves as a bridge between the seller and interested buyers, facilitating the process of exploring and inquiring about horses.

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Corporate wellness & mindfulness platform

  • App name: Luune
  • About the app: Luune is a white label productivity app designed to support organizations in tracking and improving their team's mental well-being. Through the app, companies can publish their own lessons, experts, and events, and employees can access resources, consult with mental health experts, and engage in daily check-ins. Luune aims to foster a positive work-life relationship, promoting overall happiness and well-being.

Virtual church community hub

  • App name: Bethel Link
  • Link: Bethel Link
  • About the app: Bethel Link is a specialized community app designed to bring together Churches, Pastors, Leaders, and Members in an interactive and cohesive environment. Catering to the specific requirements of its client, the app is layered with multiple user roles and permissions, allowing an all-encompassing view for the Super Admin while offering unique features tailored to different users.
    Members can join their church, choose a branch and cell leader, participate in various chat rooms, view events and sermons, and manage their tithes and offerings directly through the app.
    Pastors and Leaders have the ability to post sermons, manage events, and interact with members within their specific branches and cells, maintaining a vibrant connection with their congregation.
    By automatically linking members to appropriate chats and groups and integrating functionalities like tithe management and 1:1 chats, it offers a comprehensive solution that brings faith communities closer together. A virtual church experience that replicates the connectivity and spiritual nourishment of physical church gatherings

Waste-reduction food market

  • App name: Cibo Groups
  • Link: Cibo Groups
  • About the app: Cibo Groups elegantly tackles the issue of food waste by bridging restaurants, customers, and non-profit organizations through a user-friendly platform. Offering an avenue for restaurants to both sell and donate their baked goods, it's more than just a marketplace; it's a mission-driven initiative. Customers can browse diverse eateries, purchase, and even pick up meals via the app, while restaurants can effortlessly manage their inventory, deciding what will be sold or donated. Non-profits can subscribe monthly to claim servings, directly contributing to reducing food waste. By incorporating Twilio's API for WhatsApp notifications for new orders, the app ensures seamless communication between parties. 

Reentry assistance platform

App name: UHome
About the app: UHome is a transformative productivity tool aimed at easing the reintegration process for individuals returning to society after serving time. Recognizing the bureaucratic burden that reentry often imposes, both on those who are transitioning back into society and the case managers tasked with their oversight, UHome innovatively digitizes the submission and approval process for essential passes, such as grocery store or church visits. More than a tool for digital submission, UHome enables users to track passes, spending, and budgets, shared monthly with their case managers. A motivating countdown to full societal reintegration adds a human touch to the app, encouraging users to stay focused on their progress. This approach to productivity not only streamlines the reentry process but offers a glimpse into how technology can be a compassionate partner in rebuilding lives, bridging gaps, and turning piles of paper into a pathway home.

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Non-profit inventory & asset navigator

  • App name: Sheltering Arms NY 
  • About the app: Sheltering Arms NY is an intuitive Inventory and Asset Management tool tailored for a non-profit organization, focusing on streamlining the issuance of both digital (e.g., software licenses) and physical assets to employees. Responding to a need for greater efficiency and control in handling inventory, this custom-built solution has redefined the way various roles interact within the issuance process. Different responsibilities have been carefully defined, from adding inventory and assigning it to employees, to approving or rejecting assignments, and even collecting signatures when items have been issued. The Super Admin, with a bird's eye view of the system, gains critical insights into items assigned, those in stock, and pending assignments. Sheltering Arms NY is more than a management tool; it's a compass guiding the organization, keeping track of every asset, and ensuring a smooth and accountable process, reflecting a new age of digital resourcefulness in the non-profit sector.

SMB OKR tracker

  • App name: Team Shep 
  • About the app: Team Shep is a game-changing OKR (Objectives and Key Results) SaaS solution designed specifically for SMBs. Recognizing the need for company administrators to access clear and graphic data for employees across departments, this app allows for weekly insights through predefined surveys. Members not only contribute their individual perspectives but also view departmental results, fostering a spirit of motivation and collective growth. The most important part of this app is the surveys, which are carefully made with multiple-choice questions, text inputs, and numeric answers. Team Shep automatically sends weekly emails to members reminding them to participate. This keeps everyone involved. By weaving together individual, team, and company statistics from survey responses, it has created a vibrant ecosystem where progress is not just tracked but celebrated, bridging the gaps and amplifying the strengths within departments and teams. 

Solar panel installation efficiency platform

  • App name: Energetika 
  • About the app: Energetika has transformed the on-site operations of an energy efficiency company by providing an elegant site-survey platform that centralizes information and enhances the entire process of assessing solar panel installations. Designed to cater to the client's need for an efficient, error-free, and streamlined approach, this internal operations app empowers both managers and on-site workers. Workers no longer have to worry about getting lost or filling out complicated paper forms. The app has a map, a way to take pictures in an organized way, and a checklist for things like helmets, insurance, boots, and documents. Managers benefit from an intuitive platform that helps them assign projects and provides easy access to a client directory, ensuring compliance with mandatory security requirements. Energetika is not just a productivity tool; it is a strategic ally in the mission to bring renewable energy closer to people, with an emphasis on accuracy, orderliness, and efficiency that resonates with the industry's core values.

Healthcare communication faxing solution

  • App name: Fax My Doc
  • About the app: Fax My Doc changes the way people interact with their healthcare providers and doctors by offering a streamlined faxing experience. Gone are the days of cumbersome faxing methods; this app ensures a smooth, organized, and efficient process for sending and receiving faxes. Tailored specifically to meet the demands of healthcare communication, Fax My Doc symbolizes innovation and responsiveness

Fax My Doc stands as a testament to the fusion of technology and healthcare, epitomizing a seamless user experience.

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Intelligent company expense tracker

  • App name: Expenses Management
  • About the app: Expenses Management is a custom-designed, company-wide platform, transforming how employees keep track of their expenses and submit them for reimbursement. Built with the unique needs of businesses in mind, the platform features personalized limits per category, providing intelligent notifications to users if they reach the limit per category per month, quarter, or year. This not only simplifies the expense tracking process but also ensures compliance with company policies.

Mental health financial & patient manager

  • App name: Valcourt Behavioral Health
  • About the app: Valcourt Behavioral Health revolutionizes the way mental health clinics handle their cash register figures and daily patient management. Developed specifically for a mental health clinic, it caters to different user roles: front desk users, admin, assistants, and the Super Admin. This innovative solution eradicates incorrect or mismatched cash register figures by providing complete control over cash transactions. The platform also incorporates Slack notifications for each transaction, automated calculations, daily PDF reports, and allows for the modification and tracking of patient attendance records. Front desk users can update the petty cash and manage patient attendance, while admin users have the ability to modify the cash register and close it daily. 

Lead conversion & rating engine

  • App name: IntroCRM
  • Link: Intro CRM
  • About the app: IntroCRM opens the door for businesses to effortlessly provide warm leads and contacts to their clients. Acting as a sales-as-a-service platform, it specializes in parsing CSV files to convert them into firms and leads, using a combination of Integromat/Make with a front-end crafted through Glideapps. Glide was an optimal choice for this build, ensuring an intuitive user interface where end-users can log in and rate organizations, guiding account managers to add these leads to the client's CRM. 

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Legal gig marketplace for students & firms

  • App name: gigLAW
  • About the app: giglaw is a unique marketplace that connects law firms with law students, providing a platform where law firms can post assignments and find qualified students to fulfill them. Law students can browse through the assignments and select the ones that suit them, all on a first-come, first-served basis. The app automates various notifications and reminders, making the entire process seamless. Law firms can include specific details, files, and due dates for each assignment, while students can keep track of their pending, in-progress, and completed tasks.

Live shipping tracker & route explorer

  • App name:
  • Link: Known Group
  • About the app: is a sophisticated tracking application for transportation units that offers live map-view updates, allowing users to monitor their shipping processes accurately. Drawing from the client's existing Azure database, the app provides real-time information on shipments, reflecting every stop made, the route of the shipment, and the pinpointed last location of the shipment. With custom code and a seamless integration with Azure, delivers an intuitive and visually appealing experience for users who want to keep track of their shipments. Whether it's understanding the exact coordinates at any moment or viewing the full route, makes shipping tracking transparent and accessible.

Salary calculation tool

App name: Zapier Salary Calculation Tool
About the app: This internal tool developed for Zapier simplifies the process of salary determination based on an individual's location and position within the company. Users can enter their country, job family, and job level to receive accurate salary ranges (minimum and maximum). If no specific match is found, users have the option to submit a request for their particular requirements. This web-based application streamlines the salary calculation process, ensuring that employees have clear and transparent access to their potential earnings.

Community fitness challenge platform

App name: Push Challenges
About the app: Push Challenges is a health and fitness app designed to engage users in a 12-week fitness challenge. By providing daily workouts and encouraging users to share selfies of their progress, the app fosters a sense of accomplishment and community. It also offers the client the ability to white-label the app, extending the reach of her fitness knowledge and videos to businesses that wish to offer the challenge to their employees. 

On-demand mobile notary finder

  • App name: Weekend Mobile Notary
  • Link: Weekend Mobile Notary
  • About the app: The Weekend Mobile Notary app is designed to bridge the gap between mobile notary professionals and clients in need of their services. Similar to ride-sharing apps like Uber, it offers an intuitive directory that allows users to filter for notaries based on location, pricing, and other preferences. Once a suitable notary is found, users can easily contact them to set up an appointment, and, depending on the notary's preferences, even pay for the service directly through the app.

Social network for firearms enthusiasts

  • App name: MyShoots
  • Link: Myshoots
  • About the app: MyShoots is an innovative app created for the shooting sports community, facilitating connection, socialization, and event organization. Designed with both enthusiasts and club managers in mind, the app allows users to create verified profiles, join clubs, chat with members, share media, and receive personalized invites to shooting events. With a straightforward process, club managers can send detailed invites for shooting events through the app, including venue and date information. Users can also choose the "No Club" option to interact in public mode if they don't get invited to a specific club. Available in both free and paid versions, the paid option offers additional features like adding "places of interest" and influencing club donations to charities. The app truly serves as a central hub for shooting sports enthusiasts, allowing for easy interaction and engagement within the community.

Employee education platform for retail brands

  • App name: Frntlne
  • Link: frntlne
  • About the app: Frntlne is a specialized educational platform designed for big retail brands to enhance their employees' knowledge about their products and offerings. Modeled after platforms like Udemy, Frntlne stands out by offering cash incentives as bonuses to motivate employees when they complete courses. The app's structure breaks down each course into easily digestible modules and submodules, creating a step-by-step learning experience. After finishing each lesson, users must successfully complete a questionnaire to progress, culminating in a final test to complete the course. 

Afro and curly hairstyle booking platform 

  • App name: Napps
  • About the app: Napps is a unique directory app in the UK that acts as a bridge between professional hairdressers specializing in afro and curly hairstyles and clients seeking those services. Offering an intuitive platform to cater to the market's demand for specialized afro hairstyles, Napps allows clients to discover talented local hairdressers, make bookings with just a few clicks, pay a 25% non-refundable deposit for appointment confirmation, and even engage in chat or video/audio-only calls to agree on the price. With options for mobile hairdressing at an additional travel fee, a cancellation policy for tardiness, and the facility to cancel if the price agreement is not met, Napps ensures a seamless and professional experience that respects both the hairdressers' craft and clients' convenience.

Baseball talent discovery and performance tracking platform

  • App name: First Look
  • Link: First Look (
  • About the app: Realizing the dreams of young baseball enthusiasts, the First Look app is an innovative platform built in collaboration with a sporting company. This dual-faceted app aims to connect aspiring baseball players with coaches and sports recruiters, providing an all-encompassing solution for tracking sports metrics like runs, isolated power, pitches, and more. The player's version of the app enables athletes to sign up, log in, and meticulously track their training. With each log of track records, players earn rewards, enhancing their motivation. First Look's comprehensive dashboard offers players a way to gauge their skill report, connect with peers graduating in the same year, and engage with others playing the same position. An interactive community platform further fosters social connections among players. For coaches, the app offers a similar user experience but with a distinct focus on recruitment. After admin review and profile approval, coaches can create recruitment profiles and delve into the analysis of players' metrics. When potential talents align with their criteria, coaches can add them to a watchlist. This functionality allows ongoing assessment, ensuring that the selected player aligns with the coach's needs over time.

Marketplace for eCommerce entrepreneurs & influencers

  • App name: Amazon Influencers Platform App
  • About the app: Bridging the gap between Amazon eCommerce entrepreneurs and influencers, the Amazon Influencers Platform App functions as a marketing hub. Its mission is to provide a streamlined and transparent process for businesses and influencers to connect and collaborate. For Amazon Sellers, the app allows users to post "jobs," specifying their needs from influencers, the rewards they are willing to offer, and the desired criteria for collaboration. This includes details about the products, visuals, and other essential information. Influencers, on the other hand, can explore these postings, reaching out to the sellers or adding the opportunities to a "request list" for later consideration. This two-sided marketplace ensures that both sellers and influencers can find the perfect match for their needs.

SMS marketing solution for restaurant

  • App name: Waitext
  • About the app: A trailblazer in restaurant marketing, the Restaurant SMS Marketing App is a creative platform designed to foster connections between food enthusiasts and their favorite dining spots via SMS. With a focus on enhancing customer engagement and providing personalized promotions, this app brings a fresh approach to the restaurant industry. Upon registration, each restaurant receives a unique QR code, which serves as a gateway to its detail page. Users who scan the code are guided to a request form where they can input their contact details. Following this, they receive an automated SMS containing a distinctive discount code, tailored by the restaurant owner. This personalized interaction adds a touch of exclusivity to the dining experience. The scalability of the app allows for an unlimited number of restaurants, with the admin having the flexibility to determine the quantity to be included. This feature ensures that the platform can adapt to various business needs, whether it's a local eatery or a chain of high-end restaurants.

What can I do with a no-code app? Are there limits?

There are basically no limits to what you can do with a no code app. Whatever pain point you’re trying to solve for your business, there is a way with no code or low code. 
For example, with Glide no code app builder, you can build so many different solutions, ranging from an inventory management app, to a mobile restaurant app, conference management app, or meal planning app – your options are pretty limitless.

The best part is that you don’t need to build these apps from scratch if you don’t want to. Glide comes with a shipload of customizable app templates you can use to speed up your app-building process. Just choose the template that resembles your idea, feed your data into it, make a few tweaks, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful app. Yep, it’s that simple.

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