Habit Tracking app, that allows users to share their habits and progress with people within their group, users can add their own habits, and score the performance of each habit on the daily basis. Users can see charts of their progress per habit over time. Each group has a leaderboard so users can compare their scores and see what the goals are for other users, and what habits they are keeping to reach them. We track both the TPO and KPI of each user on the group. On the Admin side, the Admin can create, read, update and delete all groups and users, and can see all leaderboards, and all user habits and stats.

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Our company needed a centralized habit tracking solution to encourage employee growth and friendly competition. LowCode Agency's intuitive app offered customizable habit tracking, automatic calculations, and dynamic leaderboards. With a 70% increase in goal achievement and 45% improvement in KPIs, our team has never been more motivated and connected.

Matt Kramer, Managing Partner