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reduction in late or missing documentation


boost in efficiency

Our new system has made it easier for us to manage operations across all of our offices. Document submissions? No more slips; everyone's on point. We've seen a 40% increase in efficiency. That's real impact, and we're seriously impressed!

Hayden Slack



GL Hunt is a construction company that experienced a frequent problem for organizations that manage numerous projects at the same time: their scheduling procedures and general management were chaotic. They relied on an outdated system they had put together in Google Sheets with a jammed dashboard that didn't help them organize their workflow at all.


Our client was desperate to find an efficient system to replace their old scheduling process involving Google Sheets and Service Titan. But it didn’t stop at scheduling; they needed a complete solution that could handle it all—subcontractors, workflows, reports that don't make your eyes glaze over, and a smooth integration with their existing tools.


Using Bubble, we built a comprehensive Project Management System tailored to GLHunt's specific needs. The app provides a visual scheduling platform that enables GLHunt to easily assign and manage subcontractor jobs, monitor their revenue, and even estimate earnings for subcontractors. 

Additionally, it offers features to handle and keep track of documentation and generate various reports. A very important part is that we had to build a connection to Service Titan via its API, in order to sync with their current data and be able to schedule and assign contractors in the most streamlined possible way. Our deep experience in building integrations came in handy on this project that required a high level of customization. Why did we build this in Bubble? GL Hunt had some very specific requirements in terms of how they wanted to see their workload per week, with a drag-and-drop interface to fill in working hours.

The solution also includes roles for users and admins, with different levels of access and control. The app streamlines the entire project lifecycle, from contract verification to final report submission, within a single interface for more efficiency and organization.

“After seeing how they worked with Google Sheets and the application with which they managed the schedules, I am sure that this application is going to be very useful for the company. I think that the way to assign jobs and how the availability of technicians is presented on the calendar is going to make the company's work a lot easier.”Gonzalo, Bubble Developer


GL Hunt's custom dashboard built by LowCode Agency isn't just a tech upgrade; it's a serious game-changer. Picture this: a solid 40% efficiency boost and an 80% slash in late submissions and missing entries of important documentation. And all in only 8 weeks! Beyond the numbers, the real impact lies in the streamlined processes, without the usual headaches.

reduction in late or missing documentation
boost in efficiency
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The app brought a level of organization and clarity we desperately needed. Kudos to the team for making our operations a whole lot smoother!

Hayden Slack



The new customized software has dramatically changed the way that everyone on the GL Hunt crew operates, from foremen to subcontractors. In addition to making their daily tasks easier, organized procedures, real-time coordination, and enhanced communication have freed them up to concentrate on what really matters—delivering top-notch construction and repair services to Texan families.

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