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increase in profitability per drink due to better portion control


faster updates across locations

Their team stands out for their expertise and efficiency. They have a smooth and straightforward project process. We strongly recommend LowCode Agency to any business seeking a skilled partner that promises not only professional excellence but also a truly wonderful collaboration experience.

Todd Connell

Director of Beverage Operations


Margaritaville approached us with a major problem - managing their extensive library of cocktail recipes across all their venues. They have a huge portfolio of franchised locations: boutique hotels, resorts, cruise ships, restaurants, and more. However, all the bars from their +100 locations relied on an offline spreadsheet file that lived on a single computer, only accessible to one person. 

Anytime recipes needed to be updated or new ones added, that unlucky employee had to painstakingly make the changes, and then email the revised file out to each location repeatedly. They desperately needed a modern solution to centralize all the recipes, update them, and distribute them to ensure every location stayed on the same page.


The team at Margaritaville faced several challenges with their current approach: Recipes were stored in a confusing spreadsheet that only a few people really understood. Whenever new recipes or changes were added, that updated spreadsheet had to be manually emailed out to every single franchised location - a nightmare for version control. Then, the bartenders had to print out the recipes and flip through pages during their shifts to find the recipes.

Margaritaville offers a unique experience at each location, sometimes featuring different names for the drinks and using various glassware sizes. This presented a challenge for recipe management: ensuring consistency in taste and quality across all locations. An app was the ideal answer – for recipe management, to keep the information up-to-date everywhere, and ultimately provide a better workflow for everyone involved.


Using Glide, we developed a cocktail recipe manager app tailored to Margaritaville's specific needs. It includes a centralized recipe management system where an administrator can easily add, update, and categorize recipes while assigning them to specific locations.

For the bartenders, we created a user-friendly mobile app that allows them to access the most current recipes at each location. A standout feature is the dynamic recipe calculations - bartenders can adjust the glass size for a cocktail, and the app automatically recalculates measurements, calories, costs, and allergen information accordingly. We also integrated PDF Monkey, a handy plugin available for Glide apps that allows bartenders to directly print recipes from the app itself.


The custom app exceeded Margaritaville's team expectations and had significant benefits in their operations. Their new app allows the main team to push out new recipes and updates 83% faster than with their old process. A case in point: They can roll out a whole new summer cocktail menu companywide in just a couple of clicks! And the benefits continue beyond. Bartenders have access to the most up-to-date recipes through a user-friendly mobile app that eliminates the need for outdated paper menus. Also, the app's automated recipe calculations are leading to an impressive 18% increase in profitability per drink. There’s less waste with better portion control and more happy customers enjoying perfectly made Margaritaville classics.

increase in profitability per drink due to better portion control
faster updates across locations
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Collaborating with LowCode Agency has been a fantastic experience. They surpass expectations!

Todd Connell

Director of Beverage Operations


Margaritaville's team was blown away by their new app. The switch from the spreadsheet is a major win for both consistency and efficiency across all their locations. It helped them finally ditch their messy recipe system for a smooth, app-based operation that saves them a ton of time and eliminates confusion across locations. They can now easily update recipes from one central platform, and bartenders have all the latest information right on their phones. The team improved brand standards across the board and has a way quicker turnaround for new recipes and promotions, plus a modern solution that finally dragged their outdated processes into the 21st century. We saw firsthand how much easier their lives became – that's the ultimate reward for us, and it's what we do best!

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