Weekend Mobile Notary


On-demand notary services in the United States. With dozens of notaries available, getting your documents notarized is a two-step process on this app; select the nearest available notary, pay for the service, and the notary will arrive at your location in a few minutes to notarize your documents.

What did the client need:

This customer wanted to make the life of notaries easier by allowing them to add their services, price, and profiles to the app, as well as their booking method, so they could keep track of their bookings in their online calendar. She also wanted that consumers have an intuitive experience in which they can easily see what notaries offer and save time by seeing all of the closest notaries.

What did we build:

In-app, notaries can indicate whether their profile is active or inactive. Active profiles are visible to users, whereas inactive profiles are hidden. This enables notaries to be available on the app at all time and to hide from users during busy days. Seeing notaries nearby on a map saves customers time; after seeing the price of a service, users can pay for it with the click of a button. Once a service is paid for, users provide their address information, which is given to the notary along with the payment notice and booking time, so that notaries can arrive at the user's door and do the service.



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