Valcourt Behavioral Health


This software is designed for a mental health clinic and has four user roles: front desk users, admin, assistants, and the Super Admin.

What did the client need:

Our customer sought to avoid having incorrect or mismatched cash register figures, as well as having control over what comes in and out of the cash register, as well as automating calculations and processes and delivering cash register reports to the front desk. They needed Slack notifications for each transaction, as well as daily pdf reports.

What did we build:

On a daily basis, front desk users can update the petty cash by reporting the movements on the cash register. They can also add the attending patients or no-shows for each clinic provider. Admin users, on the other hand, can change the cash register at any moment by adding or deleting cash, as well as close the register for the day. The close of one day is reflected in the initial cash amount for the following day. 


We have saved a lot of time, reduced human error, and streamlined our billing process. The ROI for this project has been the fastest I've ever seen. I enjoy working with LowCode, because they go above and beyond, and help us not only with our software needs, but with technology in general.

Jorge Valcourt
Valcourt Behavioral Health


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