Utah Spine


Appointment Management app for a healthcare and therapiutic center, that allows patients to fill in forms, see their upcoming appointments, rate and review the clininc, complete homeworks and purchase items.

What did the client need:

Our client was looking for a custom solution that that could handle 2 different roles and "front-ends", one for the Admin (internal management) and one for the patients. He wanted patients to be able to complete homeworks, forms, and be able to purchase different products that the clinic offers.

What did we build:

The custom solution we built allows Admins to add appointments for patients, so they know when their next appointment is comming and so that they can also cancel an appointment in app, which notifies the Admin. On the other hand we allow Admins to assign forms to users for them to fill so it is all in one place. A big piece of the app ended up being an integration with our client's shopify store, so users can buy items, but not only that, we also bring back the data of each purchase with an API call, to reward users per purchase, and give them points for each purchase, so they can later "cash-in" these rewards. Users can also rate and review the clinic, in-app and through external links such as Google and Yelp. Plus we added a bunch of text and email notifications for both Admin users and Patients.