Photo& Video

Booking platform for content creators (photographers and videographers) that allows creators and their customers to keep track of when, where and how to meet for a shooting.

What did the client need:

Our client wanted a platform that could help centralize of all their service providers (creators) and their bookings/schedules, as well as allow their customers to find the perfect creator for them with a couple of clicks. It was important for our client that the customers were able to pay for bookings in-app, and get notified when their bookings were confirmed, or when the creator was on his way, along with many other features.

What did we build:

We built an app that allows customers to book creators by paying an hourly fee per booking. Both customers and photographers can keep track of their bookings and take action accordingly. Each booking has several steps that depend on one another, in order for the booking to be completed. We also allow photographers to add extra hours to a service in case it went overtime and we bill that to the customer separately. On the other hand the Admin can keep track of the sales made in the app, creators, reviews, and can verify creators, and keep track of all pending and paid invoices. We made sure to include text and email automations so users never miss the status of their booking.