When reentering society after being in jail, this app lets individuals to submit their church and daily passes in a pdf format to their case managers for approval (delivered through text and email). In addition to keeping track of their passes.

What did the client need:

Our client saw the need that many people in the United States have after serving their time and re-entering society.

She noticed that all of the paperwork and bureaucracy can be a pain, and she realized that digitizing submissions for passes, such as going to the grocery store or to church, would be extremely beneficial to both re-entry users and case managers who are swamped with piles of paper approving these passes for each person.

What did we build:

This app allows users who are re-entering society after serving their time to submit passes for approval to their case managers.

Passes, spending, and budgets can all be tracked by users (which they have to share every month with their case manager).

They can also see a countdown to when they will be through with the re-entry process and fully integrated back into society, which keeps them motivated and allows them to keep track of how much time they have left.



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