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The ideal software for coin collectors, where users can add their coins to keep track of their inventory, put for sale, rate, and purchase new coins for their collection.

What did the client need:

Our client required a platform where users could share their passion for coin collecting, connect and exchange precious coins to improve each other's collections, and keep track of their coin inventory.

What did we build:


What could I say to describe LowCode?! Amazing. Above-and-Beyond. Cutting-edge. All these are really understatements! I love this agency, to say the least! They did everything I needed to complete my app, and delivered the finished product in short amount of time. Their staff are courteous, competent, and always willing to help, no matter how small the task or question. I even went so far as to continue with them on the next leg of my app's development! Why stop at great, when things can be even greater?! I highly recommend LowCode as a professional app development company. You won't be disappointed.

TPG Tracker