StraightUp Collective

Food & Drink

Recipe generation app for drinks, that helps keep track of the inventory, the clients and their recipes, and overall reports.

What did the client need:

Our client wanted a custom solution where he could add all his clients, recipes and ingredients/inventory, and assign different custom recipes to their clients. He wanted to automate calculations for costs and calories per recipe based on the ingredient's details, as well as the total cost per recipe. He needed a Super Admin Dashboard that could CRUD everything and anything, and another Admin role that could see everything, so this app could be used internally for managing clients and inventory.

What did we build:

The recipe app we built allows the Super Admin to add multiple ingredients to a recipe and based on those ingredients we calculate the total cost for the recipe, and then this user can also assign the recipe to a client. We also allos the Super Admin to update the items in the inventory and add more, so they can keep the data up to date. On the other hand we added a read only role, that can see everything but can't edit, update or delete. Finally we added a reports section where user can see how much inventory they have in money, and the total cost per item.