Simini App


Software for pet surgeons and veterinaries that makes it easy for them to follow up with their patients and their owners.

What did the client need:

Our client already had an app that pet owners use to add their pet's progress post surgery, you can see it in our portfolio too ;). This new app needed to bring the pet's info so both surgeouns and vets could follow up with the procedure of their assigned pets, he needed them to see the pets' new updates, and be notified if there was action needed on their end, as well as keep a log of all updates, and see all surgeouns and vets with their contact information if needed. He wanted to be able to whitelabel his idea and sell this app to many vet clinics.

What did we build:

This app helps match pets, vets and surgeons. The pet owners add their pets to the main app with pictures of their recovery post surgery, we all know pets aren't the best at taking care of their own wounds, they lick them, bite them, scratch them, and such. So, vets and surgeons are informed if a pet's wound after surgery has redness, swelling, bruising, red-tinged discharge, etc, or if the pet shows decreased appetite, vomiting or coughing, each pet has their cute image, and photos of the wound throughout the process. Both the surgeon and the vet can communicate and add comments to a pet based on the wound's state post surgery. They get notifications on new updates, and also if a pet is marked as "Needs Action" meaning it should be reviewed by the vet, this way communication between them is better and faster and they can both know the status of the pet. They can also keep a log of all updates, and can connect with other vets and surgeons from the same clinic.


As pet surgeons and veterinarians, we struggled with fragmented communication and follow-up for our furry patients post-surgery. LowCode built an app for us that unified our efforts with real-time pet updates, seamless collaboration, and instant notifications for action. Now, with a 60% improvement in post-surgical care, we're providing a healthier, happier recovery for our beloved pets and peace of mind for their owners.

Carl Damiani


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