Sheltering Arms NY


Inventory and Asset Management tool that allows a non-profit company to keep track of their inventory regarding the issuance of items to their employees.

What did the client need:

Our client wanted to streamline and automate their existing process for issuing assets to employees, such as sofware licenses (digital) or assets (physical), where multiple roles are involved in the process. Each role needed to have their own permissions and capacities to make the flow smoother than it was. And while at it, he wanted to be able to keep track of all the inventory.

What did we build:

We built a custom solution where all user roles have a part in the issuance process, one role is in charge of adding all inventory to the app, and assigning it to the different employees, another role is in charge of approving or rejecting the assignment, another one is in charge of collecting the signature of the employee when the item has been issued. This way the Super Admin can know which item was assigned to which employee of which departments, which items are still in stock, which are pending to be assigned, etc, having a better control of the inventory and the process.



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