Real estate app that allows users to toggle between a list view and a map view of rental properties, view their details, landlord information, reviews, and submit a proposal to lease the house, while having a ROI per lease provided by RentFund

What did the client need:

Our client wanted a platform where both landlords and tenants could find a perfect rental match. He wanted all lease information to be centralized for both tenants and landlords while automating processes for both parties.

What did we build:

Our team built an app that allows landlords and tenants to come to an agreement before the lease contract starts. Landlords can display their properties with images, and can rate and review tenants. Tenants on their end can see nearby properties, filter based on preferences, and when ready contact a landlord, and ask for a lease. We automated the payments per lease as well as send out lease contracts and bring them back to the app once signed by both parties. We also provided a calculation of the yearly ROI for tenants based on their monthly lease fee.