Primary Record


Primary Record is a mobile application that guides individuals and their families in documenting, organizing, and sharing healthcare information.

What did the client need:

Our client wanted to give users the ability to manage their family members medical records in one centralized place, while being able to share a family member's records between family members. He wanted each family member to have their own providers, medications, labs, files, medical history, and more. He needed extra steps of logic so we minors couldn't manage their own profile and records, but could still see them. He wanted it to be organic, so when a user turns 18 they can manage their own records and profile in the app. He wanted to avoid the mountains of paper work tha can come from all medical records for people with chronical ilnesses or just any person.

What did we build:

To better define what the app we delivered does, here's an example: Susane is Kim's mother. Kim is a minor and she has diabetes. Susane can create Kim's profile on the app and her own. Susane can add Kim's Providers (Drs. and Pharmacies), Visits, Vaccinations, Labs, Reports, etc. To keep track of everything and have it all in one place. Kim's father is Jack, Jack also wants to know any updates on her daughter, what providers she's seeing, keep track of her vaccinations, and have an overall view as well, Jack is the main person to communicate with Kim's providers, so he needs the ability to add and edit providers, or any other aspect of her daughter's records. Susane can give Jack view and edit permissions for Kim's profile. There's also Susane's father, he lives with the fam and Susane is her primary care giver, she can also add him to the app and give Jack view permissions. When Kim turns 18 she'll be able to manage and update her own profile and medical records, but when she turns 16 she'll be able to view them and start getting used to the app. We're really proud of what we achieved with this app, and that this idea can scale to the next level!


The team is amazing, they've achieved many things we weren't sure where possible! We love our final MVP product, they really heard our needs, and always kept suprising us with their quick solutions. Our app is robust and complex, with all that said it works as it should and we're happy with what the team has delivered.

Jim McIntosh
Primary Record