My Mantra


Users can add their favorite mantras and keep a diary of them in this app, as well as schedule daily or weekly text and/or email reminders of their mantras. Users can also add their manifestations and track the magic of their manifestations materializing.

What did the client need:

Our client witnessed the impact of mantras; she observed that many individuals study mantras or have their own but frequently forget them. She required an app that could send tailored text and email reminders, allowing users to repeat their mantras throughout the day or week and keep them at the forefront of their minds.

What did we build:

This simple yet powerful subscription-based program allows users to add mantras, select when (day and time) they'd like to receive automatic reminders with their mantras, and have easy access to them at all times.


LCA's team is great, everything on my app looks awesome! Also, very helpful to guide you through any techy situation.

Kat Misch Elle