Job app targeted at veterans and their wives in a Tinder-like format where users can search for a job type and see all the offers by swiping left or right depending on their likes, get matches, save their jobs, have a 1:1 chat with the recruiters, and many more.

What did the client need:

Our client already had the contacts and the clients but wanted to provide a software that would help the veteran recruiting process to be more streamlined, centralized, and fun for both veterans, and recruiters.

What did we build:

The app we developed allows veterans and recruiters to find their perfect match according to the following attributes: interest, industry, salary, etc. And just like magic we match them with each other in a 1:many relationship, and allow users to chat with their connections. We helped our client with all the email notifications to keep all users engaged, as well as added a reward/point system for a bit of gamification. Both recruiters and candidates have a dashboard to keep track of their connections, their interviews and their hires. All in one place.