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App dedicated to young athletes and their parents as well as coaches, focused on sports. According to their age and user role (Athlete +18, Parent, Child or Coach), users are put into an email campaign to promote the app and its content. The main purpose of the MVP was to get to parents onboarding and familiar with what's offered in the app.

What did the client need:

Our client is a coach himself, so he wanted to be able to add his courses, events, booking links, ebook, etc all in one app, and manage everything, including users as the Super Admin. He also wanted other coaches to login so they could add events or participate in events. As for Parents, he needed this user type to be able to add their child so they could take the offered courses together, allowing them both to login. He also wanted a freemium model where users get the free course, without any charge, and to get the rest of the content, they can pay for a subscription. Something important was that courses where released weekly and that each had activities for users to complete.

What did we build:

This app allows 3 different user roleas and a Super Admin. According to their role and their subscription status (Free/Paid), users are put into an email campaign, that prompts users in a different way to use the app and engage with the product. Users must first finish the free course and complete all activities in the free course in order to continue to the next course. Each course is released on a weekly basis, and is locked until completion. Users have the option to book calls with our client, the coach. We added some fun, with a leaderboard, where users can compare their performance to others based on activity completion. All while the Super Admin manages the entire app, on his own dashboard.



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