PDF generation app of legal guides/documents for battery transportation

What did the client need:

Our client was looking for a way to automate and standardize the generation of pdf guides for shipping batteries according to certain parameters or variables such as battery weight, type, etc. He wanted the app to work for Manufacturers and Shippers besides the Super Admin.

What did we build:

In the app we built Manufacturers are able to add their battery products with name, watt hours, lithium content, weight, type and even attach a file to each of their products. Shippers on their end can see all products and search for specific manufacturers, and can add new shipments to get in return a pdf with all the specific instructions needed for that shipment. On the back-end, we run some logic to generate the pdf according to the product and the shipping variables as well as run a scenario for the pdf generation that spits out the proper information into the pdf. We achieved a full functioning app that's simple on the front end and let's the back-end do the hard work.