App that allows tracking for transportation units in a map-view live, so that users can keep up with their shipping, where it is at, when it is due for arrival, etc.

What did the client need:

Our client already had a database in Azure that had all the data of their shipments and that already updated live, yet they wanted a clean display for their customers when tracking their shipments. He needed to reflect every stop each shiping ever made over time as well as the route of the shipping in a map, as well as show the pin point where the shipment was last. He wanted his customers to see all the details of their shipments as well etc.

What did we build:

The custom solution we built feeds from the client's existing database in Azure as well as updates syncronosly with this database, meaning if there's a change in Azure it also reflects in Glide. With some custom code we managed to deliver a mapview that shows the exact coordinate of the shipment at the moment, as well as all pin-points all the stops in the route and a line with the full route. We delivered a full funcioning app that helps users keep track of their shipments in a clear and visual way.