Platform that allows IntroCRM to provide warm leads and contacts to their clients, in a sales-as-a-service model.

What did the client need:

Our customer required a platform to handle their clients' leads and receive feedback on those prospects.

What did we build:

In order to parse CSV files and convert them to firms and leads, we designed a unique solution that mainly relies on Integromat/Make, with a front end built using Glideapps. The end user can log in and rate those organizations and leads, alerting the account manager to add those leads to the client's CRM.


I'm so grateful to the entire team at LowCode Agency for their help building an app for my company. Our customers love our new app and it is a significant improvement over what we had been doing in spreadsheets before. LowCode Agency exceeded all of our expectations and I have already been recommending them to other founders.

Harris Kenny