Cohort-based app, where startups or SMBs may acquire a better understanding of their organization and how to move forward by filling out various types of forms that pave their way and create documents that can be shared among cohort members.

What did the client need:

As a venture capital, our client guides founders through a discovery process to find possibilities and internal and external areas of focus.

They have created a number of exercises and forms for founders and owners to do in order to have a better understanding of their areas of opportunity, the true purpose of their brand, and a clear overall idea of how to better go forward as a company.

They required an app in which users could fill out our forms and canvasses, and those canvasses would be automatically saved as documents, powerpoint presentations, and pdf files so that users could return to them later.

What did we build:

Users can use this app to browse through several case studies or formats such as Sail Boat, Lean Canvas, and others.

Users can find several questions within each canvas that assist them see where they are and, depending on that, what the best ways to move forward are.

The app's complex but enjoyable feature is that it is cohort-based, and users may share their case studies with people in their cohort, but that's not all! Users can also modify their coworkers' documents, similar to how Google Drive works.