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All-in-one app that allows homeowners to share home chores with their family by assigning jobs to them, as well as contact and add professionals such as plumbers, gardeners, and others to keep their homes maintained periodically.

What did the client need:

Our client intended to provide property owners with a simple and easy-to-use program that would allow them to keep track of their homes and schedule maintenance based on the seasons. Each house has varied maintenance responsibilities depending on the season; the home owner might delegate these tasks to people who share their home or to contractors.

What did we build:

The app we developed enables property owners to have a better experience with property care.

The software assigns chores with due dates to home owners based on the season and location of the property, while also offering them the ability to add their own and delegate duties to someone else. Contractors may use the app as well, and homeowners can share jobs with them.