App where law students may browse a list of law firm assignments and law firms can find and rate qualified students for their assignments. Creating a marketplace of students and lawyers.

What did the client need:

Our client already had a working idea, but she required a solution that centralized all activities. She also needed to automate messages for law firms as well as for law students.

What did we build:

This program allows legal firms to submit an unlimited number of assignments for law students and make them public for all students to see. Law firms can include their specifications, files, assignment due dates, and so on. On the law student side, students can examine all posted assignments and select the ones that are most appropriate for them (first come, first served). We make it possible for law firms to upload files. Both user roles can keep track of their pending, in-process, and finished tasks. Both law firms and law students receive branded emails at various phases of the process to remind them to use the app.


LowCode Agency completed the app, and the end users (lawyers and students) have highly praised its efficiency, intuitiveness, and usability. Overall, LowCode's strong communication and understanding were remarkable. I'm really impressed.

Hayley Leviashvili


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