Equestrian International


Users can search for horses depending on their choices (price, type, etc.) and make a purchase request to the app owner.

What did the client need:

Our customer required a display of her horses as well as an inventory of them. She wanted customers to be able to contact her when they were interested in a horse, so they could reach an agreement and complete any transactions outside of the app.

What did we build:

The Equestrian International app allows users to view horses and their data, such as videos and images, as well as their age, type, height, color, and more. Horses are available for purchase or lease, and we have introduced a filtering option to allow users to simply filter by any of the aforementioned criteria, including price range. Users receive an automated email every time a horse matching their interests is posted, which is quite convenient. Users can express their interest in a horse by clicking a button, which initiates a dialogue with the Admin. On the admin side, our client may upload her horses and receive notifications whenever an enquiry is made.