Site-survey platform for an energy efficiency company.

What did the client need:

Our client needed to centralize all the information from on-site visits of the company, while making the assigning of projects more efficient, and also reducing errors on forms, having overall a more streamlined clean process for on-site visits. It is important to mention, he also needed to keep track of clients with all their info and being able to link them to a visit, for on-site workers to have easy access to their info while on-site.

What did we build:

This internal ops app, helps managers keep track of all visits to assess about solar panels' instalations. On-site workers benefit from the app in many ways, no more getting lost on the way to the visit, since they can see the location on a map,  no more reading small letters, making a mess if they made a mistake and scratching the paper, plus they can take pictures in an organized way all in one form. We also avoid confussion of which forms should be filled according to the project. Another cool feature is on-site workers have a checklist for stuff they need for the visit; like helmet, insurance, boots, docs, etc. Making sure their ready for action, and are following the mandatory security requirements. Managers now have an easy and straightforward platform to manage the on-site workers and visits, while having an easy-access to their client's directory, and of course clear data.



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