Sports app where coaches can manage their student groups, set specific challenges and quizes for each group, and analyze the individual vs group performances over time.

What did the client need:

Our client was looking for an app that could help coaches manage their athlete groups in a clean interface, while keeping them inspired, setting challenges and goals, and providing information to better their well being and performance. He also wanted for athletes to be able to interact with this interface, by belonging to multiple groups, completing challenges, engaging with other athletes through a chat, etc.

What did we build:

The app we developed allows coaches to add customizable challenges and quizes and assign them to specific groups, as well as add their athletes and see their possition on the leaderboard based on different actions athletes do on the app such as answering quizzes, etc. Coaches can manage each of their groups and when creating a group, a group chat is created between all the members of the group, where they can share challenges, post images, questions, etc. Since the app is focused on young people, it was important that the app was visual and kept the atheletes motivated which is why in this case the Super Admin can add inspirational quotes with a start and end date, and update continiously them to keep the app fresh.



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