App that allows users to keep track of their properties, and their related assets, bills, tasks, and contacts. And allows you to set email reminders for tasks, and includes a few fun automations like an OCR feature for bills, as well as an API call for manuals for assets.

What did the client need:

The client wanted a one stop place for users to keep track of their homes and everything related to a home. Each home needed to be customizable and have its own related assets, bills, tasks etc. He wanted users to be able to add images, files and all details relevant to the property. Whilst having a Freemium model, with a relational database and a few automations and integrations.

What did we build:

We developed an interface that allows users to add one property for free and pay for their second property. In both properties users can add their water, wi-fi, phone and other bills, and find them by category, they can also send bills to the admin email for an OCR to run and bring the bills data to the app from image to text. Users can also keep track of their home assets, such as appliances, decor, etc. And they can also relate bills to assets. While keeping a directory of all contacts related to the property, such as service providers and others. A feature we personally really like is the Expenses Tab, where users can keep track of their expenses by category, according to their bills. Finally users can add task reminders for themselves, to keep track of any pending documentation for their home as well as simple chores.



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