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Marketplace for security guards and bodyguards, on-demand.

What did the client need:

Our client noticed this niche market, where many clients needed ona place where they could book security for any event or for a period of time, and he also recognized the need of security firms and agents to have a software where they could take jobs, according to the job requierements. He needed his app to do all that's mentioned above, while having more and better email automations. A big part of this industry is the legal aspect of being a security firm or guard, our client needed for firms and guards to be able to add all their required legal documents, such as insurance docs, licenses and more. This way firms and guards can be trusted by clients and can have all their docs in one place, keeping a better control of them.  

What did we build:

The app allows clients to book professional security guards for specific event such as birthdays, VIP events, etc. Users can add the start date and end date, the location of the event, if they want armed or unarmed security, and choose the protection category: travel, personal, home or business. Users can see the hourly fee for security and with one click they can post a job to book a professional. Security professionals get an email when a job has been posted, and can go in the app and see a log of all posted jobs and can easily accept them. Users get an email when their job posted job has been accepted, and the rest is history. The admin is constantly adding and updating their blog, with different security tips, through the app they can add links to a specific blog post and can choose who can see these tips: users, professionals, security firms, or all. Each Firm Admin can see all their guards and add them to the database to keep a safe environment, guards can only log into the app once added by the Firm Admin. A nice feature is when creating their profile Firms add their state, and as we all know, laws can vary a lot from one state to another, therefore the legal requirements as a security firm. Therefore, based on their state both firms and guards can add all their legal docuementation, regarding insurance, certificates, and more.


Excellent work all around! You all have done a tremendous job with our app. Very thankful to the team and their deliverability.

Tam Berhe
Detail Secure


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