Concession Delivery


This app makes it easy for concessions stands at high schools to go digital.

What did the client need:

Our client wanted to help stands increase their sales with a better, automatic process, he saw how customers are also benefited by having food delivered right to their seat, while being able to choose from any stand's menu. He also wanted to help students make some extra money, and have a friendly platform to keep up with the orders.

What did we build:

This app does all of the above! At a school game, customers who are usually the runner's friends and family, can choose drinks, and food, add get their food to their seat. How do runners know the seat? Well, in the app they can see a number with a color and that's how they find the customer. Stands keep track of their inventory, their orders, and their status. We've been adding more cool, additional features to this app. To make sure orders where delivered, while delivering, runners can open the app for customers to sign and confirm the order. Also, now runners can receive tips from the customers by adding their Cashapp, Venmo or Paypal link. A few clicks and the customer can tip their runner. After getting some feedback our client realised customers where asing to have the option to pay with cash or card, so we configured the app, with this feature giving the customers more possibilities.


You guys are awsome! Looking forward to growing with y'all!

Kaymon Farmer
Concession Delivery


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