Cibo Groups


App that allows restaurants to sell their baked goods while also donating them to non-profit organizations so that they may claim to reduce food waste. 

What did the client need:

What did we build:

We created an extremely user-friendly software in which clients can browse a variety of eateries, make a purchase, and pick up their meal via the app.

Restaurants enter their inventory and select whether dishes will be sold or donated. Non-profit groups can purchase a monthly subscription and claim up to two servings every day, reducing restaurant food waste.
We used Twilio's API to send WhatsApp messages to restaurants when they received a new order.


I am thrilled to showcase the product to clients. LowCode Agency communicates in a friendly, easy, and responsive manner, ensuring a smooth workflow. Moreover, the team is professionally and impressively building the app within the set timeline.

Christina Reid
Cibo Groups