Bethel Link


Bethel Link is a community app for Churches, Pastors, Leaders and Members to join and communicate. This app includes Sermons, Events, and more!

What did the client need:

Our client needed an app with multiple user roles and multiple layers of permissions or usage. He needed to be able to have a birds eye view of the app as the Super Admin. He needed members to be able to join their church, branch, and choose a cell leader to also belong to a cell. He wanted all users to be able to chat with everyone within their church and branch, giving a users a pathway to their community. Pastors and Leaders can post events and sermons for their branch members to follow. He also wanted members to be able to add their tithes and offerings for their church through the app, whether these are monthly tithes or weekly tithes.

What did we build:

We developed an app where members can login or sign up, add their branch code, choose their cell leader and add their profile details. The code helps generated a secure/gated community per church and per branch. Users can share this code with other users of their community. On the backend, we automatically add the new member to a church chat, a branch chat and a cell chat, each with the corresponding members. They can also start a 1:1 chat with anyone within their church, including pastors and leaders. We assign users to the cell chat according to the cell leader they chose. Members can see all posted events and sermons, and can make their tithes and offerings through the app. Each branch can have their own bank account tied to tithes and offerings. Pastors can manage branches, and leaders can manage cells. Both can post sermons and events for their members and can also see the ones posted by other users in their branch. The Super Admin, can also add events and sermons and share for all churches or for specific ones, and can create, read, updated and delete users and everything related to them.