The app is dedicated to company benefits including affiliates and promotione, where brands also activelly participate in the app by adding their benefits and keep track of claims. This app allows employees to keep track of their benefits, and redemptions and to chose from a catalougue of different brands.

What did the client need:

Our client wanted an app where companies could see how their employees enjoy different benefits like promos and discounts from different affiliate brands. The Super Admin was key for the client since they would manage all companies, all employees, all brands, and all benefits, as well as different stats per company or per brand. He wanted all 3 user roles to interact with the app and as well (companies, employees, brands), and enjoy different permissions within the app. And of course, it was important that the employees could redeem coupon codes, discount codes, and rewards and for brands to keep track of their claims/redemptions.

What did we build:

We built an app where employees can enter with a unique company code and can see all brands and their different locations in a map, as well as all benefits provided by their available brands. Approved brands on their end can add their benefits either individually or in a mass upload by uploading an excel file, we also allow companies to mass upload their employees for faster result. Each benefit has a start time and and end time, terms and conditions and with the click of a button employees can redeem a benefit wether it is onsite or online. On the brand dashboard brands can see all their redemptions, and the user who redeemed, and on the company dashboard, company admins can see how many benefits have been claimed overall or individual by their employeees. So the app is an all in one place for benefit redemption.



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