Backed VC


Venture capital firm's app that helps their employees keep track of leads.

What did the client need:

The client needed a better way to keep track of his company's leads and productivity indexes.

What did we build:

Users from the company can see new incoming leads, and can change the status to pending, ready, contacted, won. And can also find easy access to contact each lead. Users can also keep track of their weekly goalsm and how well they're achivieng them based on task compleition. The Admin can see all users, alll leads, goals an all tasks and can asses and update or delete any of the above. Overall this app helps improve the CRM process.


LowCode Agency's bespoke CRM app revolutionized our venture capital firm's sales process, increasing lead tracking efficiency by 60% and boosting team productivity with automated weekly goals. As a result, we've seen a 45% increase in successful deals closed, powering our company's growth.

Backed VC


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