AMZ Influencers


This app allows Amazon Sellers to share their products with influencers for them to promote and share.

What did the client need:

Our client wanted to connect seller with influencers in one place,allowing influencers to add their fan base on all their social media platforms,for sellers to assess. Sellers and influencers needed to match and both partiescame to an agreement, so products could be promoted by influencers.

What did we build:

Thanks to our team, an app where influencers can fill in their profile details adding their following on every social media they have, such as instagram, facebook, tik tok and more, for sellers to find their best match to promote their products. To add a layer of security all users must accept to the T&Cs with a signature. Sellers can post jobs and sellers can select them to make a match and start a chat. Once a match is made, and both parties come to an agreement, we show the influencer's address  to sellers. Sellers can mark a product as sent and influencers as received. To finish the transaction influencers must upload an image of their posts on any of their social media.


LowCode's team has great ideas, that are well explained and delivered ;)

Paul Harvey
Amazon Influencers


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