Alpha Crunching


App that allows users to compare stock predictions from one period of time to another by paying an in-app subscription.

What did the client need:

Our client already had all the hard data and database with complex formulas to get predictions for the rise and the fall of the market in a specific period of time, but he needed a graphic way to dispay all this data, allowing users to compare from week to week, and from day to day, what are the predictions, and that's where we came in.

What did we build:

Since Glide Pages allows us to, on the same interface we built both the landing page and the app. Users first see a landing page of what the product is about and then, if they choose to, they can SigUp for it and pay a subscription to start using the app. Users enter the app and see that week stock predictions in a chart by default, but they can click on a button to choose the week they want to see in the future, and they can toggle from one day to another to go more granular and see the daily predictions.


They knew what I needed to get this SaaS off the ground for a minimal cost and how to expand in the future when ready.

Eric O'Rourke, Founder