Top 10 no-code agencies for 2024

Top 10 no-code agencies for 2024

Are you looking for the perfect agency to build your app? As the popularity of no-code solutions continues to grow, many agencies have emerged, offering their development services. They will allow you to get the most out of these platforms to deliver outstanding results. These agencies combine creativity, technology, and strategic thinking to help you transform your app idea into a reality, all in a fraction of the time traditional coding would take.

Discover top no-code agencies that specialize in creating custom software solutions without traditional coding. These agencies leverage no-code and low-code platforms to build applications, mobile apps, websites, and more for businesses across diverse industries. 

What is a no-code agency?

A no-code agency is a company that specializes in creating custom software solutions using no-code and low-code platforms. These agencies build a wide range of digital products, from mobile apps and web applications to enterprise-level software. They work with clients on a project-by-project basis and offer various services based on their expertise, including developing computer programs, web apps, mobile apps, SaaS services, automation tools, and websites, among other digital solutions.

Criteria for selection

We've carefully curated this list of no-code agencies based on many factors, including:

  • Versatility: Agencies that work with a wide range of industries and project types, catering to everyone from startups in their early stages to established enterprises. Whether your project falls within SAAS, healthcare, eCommerce, finance, or beyond, you'll find an agency that suits your needs.
  • Flexibility: We value agencies that adopt a platform-agnostic approach. This means they're not tied to a single no-code platform, allowing them to select the best tools tailored to your project's unique requirements.
  • Founder expertise: We consider the expertise and background of the agency's founders. If they have a history of consulting or have created specialized platforms that can benefit your project, we believe it's worth noting.
  • Client testimonials: We pay attention to client testimonials and feedback to gauge an agency's reputation and track record.
  • Experience: Experience matters, which is why we've considered the number of years each agency has been in operation. While newer agencies can be innovative, we also value the expertise that comes with years of experience.

Top no-code agencies in 2024

LowCode Agency

831shots so

Starting off our 'Top Agencies' we're pulling back the curtain... on ourselves! LowCode Agency. Building apps, automating processes, and crafting MVPs are just a few of our specialties at our agency. Our team excels at translating your concepts into software solutions with great design and user-friendly interfaces. And we have the best process to achieve that!

We have built over 240 apps using Glide, Bubble, FlutterFlow, and Webflow. Our clients love us because we have a system that allows for fast development at great prices without sacrificing quality.

We love to share what we know, so make sure you follow us on our different socials and platforms: Blog, The LowCode Podcast, and YouTube channel to be more aware of this amazing low-code and no-code world.

  • Site:
  • Location: US
  • Years of experience: 8
  • Toolkit: Glide / Bubble / Webflow / FlutterFlow
  • Specialty: Web Apps / Business Automation
  • Time to market: 4 weeks average


“Faced with an inefficient CRM process, we turned to LowCode Agency for a streamlined solution. Their customized CRM app revolutionized the way we manage leads, enabling batch uploads and enhanced lead tracking. As a result, our team's productivity has soared by 60%, and lead conversion rates have increased by 45%.”

Harris Kenny
Founder | IntroCRM

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation, no strings attached!



Tinkso, led by co-CEO Matthieu Mazzega, is a well-known no-code agency founded in 2017. With expertise as a Gold Partner, they specialize in crafting custom, secure, and scalable applications. Their approach emphasizes efficiency, and their developers double as product designers, allowing for meticulous planning and testing. Based in France, Tinkso has built around 150–200 Bubble apps but their no-code toolkit also includes Webflow and Airtable. 

  • Site:
  • Location: France/Remote
  • Years of experience: 6
  • Toolkit: Bubble / Webflow /Airtable
  • Specialty: Web design /Web development


"Tinkso was able to deliver exactly the app and the process we need to transform our daily operations. The result, in terms of quality and adoption, is a big success across our organization."

Hugo Bonomi  

Team Manager  | La Metro


SmallDev is your go-to no-code agency with a reputation built on versatility and security.  Established in 2018,  their expertise spans a wide range of industries including travel, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education, music, and more.  What sets SmallDev apart is their knack for customizing solutions to meet industry-specific needs, offering adaptability for businesses concerned about their distinct requirements.

SmallDev doesn't stop at design and development. They offer branding services as an add-on to their monthly pricing, to ensure your digital presence reflects a cohesive and memorable brand identity. Whether you need a logo refresh, consistent brand colors, or a unified visual theme, SmallDev has you covered.

  • Site: 
  • Location: Remote
  • Years of experience: 5
  • Toolkit: Weweb, Bubble, Webflow
  • Specialty:
  • Time to market: 8-10 weeks


Working with Small to develop our web apps has been a great experience. They were thorough and thoughtful, guiding us through the process at every step. Their expertise and the speed of no-code tools allowed us to refocus our time almost entirely on working with our users and developing our future roadmap.

Conor Ross

Product Owner | CoLab



With a legacy since 2014, MVP Dev has been a key player in app development, specializing in  with an astounding 500,000 hours of development experience on the platform. MVP Dev is all about MVPs—those crucial first steps that transform ideas into fully functional apps.

What sets MVP Dev apart is their substantial team of over 100 experts, including software developers, web designers, business analysts, client success advocates, and quality assurance testers. But their capabilities stretch beyond MVPs. They've successfully built production apps, internal tools, and marketplaces, showcasing their versatility.

Their pricing starts at $1995 for web MVPs and they focus on offering reduced timelines to expedite project delivery.

  • Site: 
  • Location: USA
  • Years of experience: 9
  • Toolkit: Bubble
  • Specialty: MVPs
  • Time to market: Less than 12 weeks for an MVP


"They are welcoming and hardworking which I really appreciated considering that we are working on specific deadlines."

Kate H. 

Founder | Performing Arts Consulting Company


Specializing in product design, UX/UI design, data security, and quality assurance, Kreante has brought over 90 projects to life. With a dedicated team of 10+ design and no-code experts, Kreante crafts web applications and digital platforms for entrepreneurs and companies. Their journey began in 2020, and they've quickly gained traction in Latin America. 

They've had a very rapid growth, having assisted 55 entrepreneurs, startups, and companies across 17 countries in just their first 20 months of operation. Kreante's approach is both organized and methodical. They conduct weekly sprint meetings, managing expectations with strong communication skills. Alongside Bubble (they're silver partners of the platform), they also utilize Webflow, Airtable, and Glide.

  • Site:
  • Location: Peru
  • Years of experience: 3
  • Toolkit: Webflow / Bubble / Airtable
  • Specialty: Product design
  • Time to market: 4 - 6 Weeks average


"They are talented, diligent, very responsive, and a joy to work with. They built very complex features for us quickly and at a very cost-effective price. They have done everything necessary to ensure our satisfaction for 6 months."

Sonja Ebron

Founder | Courtroom5


543shots so

Airdev has been a trusted name in no-code development since 2015, and they're known for their expertise on Bubble. They complete projects in an average of 1-5 weeks and have maintained an impressive 97% accuracy rate in meeting deadlines—an achievement validated by satisfied clients. We’ve spoken with several people who have used Airdev and they have had great experiences.

Airdev has a clear focus on enterprise clients, often working on projects ranging from 50k to 100k+. When it comes to mega projects in Bubble with substantial budgets, Airdev enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a top-tier agency.

Their portfolio includes a wide range of web applications, from two-sided marketplaces to social networks, productivity tools, process management solutions, and more. These applications have collectively supported millions of users and facilitated transactions amounting to billions of dollars.

  • Site:
  • Location: USA
  • Years of experience: 8
  • Toolkit: Bubble
  • Specialty: Web applications
  • Time to market: 1-5 weeks average


“Airdev has built a system that's allowed us to scale to hundreds of millions of dollars of loans per year, with tens of thousands of reps. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to develop that core product nearly as quickly as we have.”

Phil Meachin

VP of Program Management | Dividend Finance


487shots so

Zeroqode has an impressive track record in the world of no-code development. Their portfolio boasts over 300 no-code projects, but what truly sets them apart is their commitment to empowering the no-code community as a whole. 

Their impact goes beyond individual projects. They've designed an impressive +400 Bubble plugins library, offering ingenious solutions that simplify complex tasks and elevate application functionality. Among these, there are 135 completely free.

Zeroqode also has an extensive collection of templates that cater to a wide range of needs. These include templates for digital and creative agencies, AI applications, booking and appointment platforms, e-learning solutions, real estate agencies, and so much more. They also offer to customize these templates to suit your unique vision, offering you a head start on your app development journey

  • Site: 
  • Location:  Moldavia / Remote
  • Years of experience: 7
  • Toolkit:
  • Specialty: Web software / Mobile Apps
  • Time to market: 3-5 weeks


“We've built a lot of the platform ourselves, however we had some very intricate technical features to develop, and Zeroqode reputation and credibility in the market is unique.”

Chris Mansfield

Co-founder & CEO | GoodCourse

Nocode Team

582shots so

Nocode Team is your go-to partner for web and mobile app development, as well as workflow automation. With seven years of experience under their belt, Nocode Team has made an impact by collaborating with renowned companies like SHEIN, Forbes, Jokr, and Allbirds. Their commitment to delivering innovative solutions has earned them a well-deserved place in the tech landscape

It's worth noting that Nocode Team is part of the Jafton family, a leading tech company with over a decade of expertise in traditional mobile development, so they're backed by their extensive experience.

  • Site: 
  • Location: US
  • Years of experience: 7
  • Toolkit: Bubble / FlutterFlow / Webflow
  • Specialty: MVP / Web Apps / Mobile Apps
  • Time to market: Less than 2 months


"They demonstrated a level of professionalism and mastery over the technology that was reassuring and remarkable."

Product Manager | Goldie


HuggyStudio specializes in turning product concepts into fully functional Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). What sets them apart is their founders' deep-rooted experience in corporate innovation and numerous startup ventures.

HuggyStudio's approach transcends development.  They don't just help individuals and companies shape their products; they do so with a genuine commitment to empowering them and nurturing their entrepreneurial vision. Leveraging the power of no-code, HuggyStudio achieves all this while adhering to realistic timelines and budgets, making innovation accessible to everyone.

  • Site: 
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Years of experience: 3
  • Toolkit: Bubble / Adalo / Webflow / Softr
  • Specialty: MVPs / Startups
  • Time to market: 8 weeks


“HuggyStudio taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and brought me the right mindset.”

Andreas Dobler

Founder | Crownos

Flywheel Studio

622shots so

Established in 2019, Flywheel Studio specializes in no-code mobile apps. They've partnered with startups in their early stages as well as established enterprises, making their mark across industries including SAAS, healthcare, eCommerce, and finance.

At Flywheel Studio they have a platform-agnostic approach, which means they're not tied to a specific no-code platform and they will select the most suitable tools for your project. 

In addition to their exceptional development capabilities, Flywheel Studio's founder, Erik, has introduced Knodalo, a specialized platform designed to share his extensive knowledge of Adalo. Erik's background as a consultant proves invaluable, especially when handling large-scale projects. Moreover, the team's prowess in design further enriches their offerings, making Flywheel Studio the ideal choice for clients seeking native app solutions available in app stores.

  • Site: 
  • Location: US
  • Years of experience: 4
  • Toolkit: Adalo / WeWeb / FlutterFlow
  • Specialty: Mobile apps


“Building our mobile app on FlutterFlow has let us design, build, and migrate from our previous platform in less than three months. Since then, we've been able to quickly add new features without the complexity of custom code. We love the power and flexibility the FlutterFlow platform provides with the benefits of Code and No Code together.”


CEO | Sparkcharge

Tips to find the right no-code agency

Choosing an agency isn't just about a pre-packaged deal; it's about finding a team that adapts to your needs.

How to verify expertise

When choosing a no-code agency, it's crucial to assess their expertise. Look for agencies with a proven track record in handling no-code and similar projects. Experienced agencies work faster, understand platform capabilities, and can incorporate custom code when necessary. Review the agency's portfolio to assess the quality, creativity, and results of its past work. Look for relevance to your project's industry and complexity. Testimonials and reviews offer insights into client satisfaction.

Hidden costs to be aware of

When searching for the right no-code agency, it's crucial to find one that offers both transparent pricing and a well-defined project scope. The pricing information should be clear,  with a breakdown of costs associated with the project scope. A defined project scope serves as a blueprint, and outlines what the agency will work on and what you can expect as the end result: the specific goals, features, and deliverables. This is a solid foundation for a successful project, helping you maintain your budget, meet deadlines, and get exactly what you've paid for.

Beyond the initial pricing, it's essential to be aware of potential hidden costs. Investigate if there are any additional charges for unforeseen tasks or features that might emerge during the project. A transparent agency should disclose these costs upfront, preventing surprises that can impact your budget.

Importance of communication and project coordination

Seek an agency that values open dialogue and collaboration. Look for regular updates, feedback sessions, and dedicated communication channels to keep everyone aligned. Clear communication minimizes errors, enhances efficiency, and ensures your project aligns with your vision.

At Low-Code Agency we specialize in tailoring solutions to your unique needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.

Natali Valle


Content Writer

Natalí joined LowCode Agency as a content writer in 2023. She brings experience from the SaaS industry, along with a keen interest in user experience that complements her focus on no-code development.

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