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“LowCode's process was as impressive as the product - streamlined, collaborative, and focused on our goals.” - Jorge Valcourt, CEO @ Behavioural Health

290+ leading startups and businesses trust us

Primary Record
12 Five Capital
SIMINI Protect
American Express
Coca-Cola Femsa
My Wound Doctor
Choosing LowCode Agency was a pivotal decision for our business.
Our custom CRM app transformed our lead management process, boosting our productivity by 30%.

Harrys Kenny




Investing in custom apps for your business pays off

Reduction in errors
In savings
Streamlined business
Embrace the future of

Software development

What does no/low code translate into?
Cost effective
Reduce development costs.
90% cheaper vs traditional development.
Faster time to market
Starting at only 4 weeks.
Fastest ROI in the market.
Unlock limitless growth potential for your business.
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Solutions for every need

Apps for business
Boost productivity and efficiency with a custom solution made just for your business.
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Business automation
No more siloed data and errors. Your information, live, connected and talking to each other. Make the bots work for your business.
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Innovative and user-centric MVP's that not only validate your idea quickly and cheaply, but also set the stage for scalable growth.
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Web design
Visually stunning and functionally robust websites that make a lasting impression and resonate with your target audience.
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Our client's success stories

Proven results on every single project we've worked on

Apps for Business

LowCode Agency's app boosted team productivity by 50% and helped improve customer satisfaction through a seamless user experience
reduced approval times
boost in team productivity

Ryan Jaskiewicz


12five Capital

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Apps for Business

Jesus and his team worked their magic and helped us achieve an incredible 30% surge in successful property transactions on Copious.Land!
increase in successful property transactions
growth in member engagement

Eric Quay

Founder / Owner


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Apps for Business

One agency that truly delivers results - Jesus and his team helped us achieve a 45% increase in lead conversion rates with our new app.
boost in team productivity
increase in lead conversion rates

Harris Kenny



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Business Automation

The launch went extremely well! We liked how easy it was to use/navigate, and it's been pretty easy to update on our end. The help you provided was invaluable.
boost in employee satisfaction
improvement in transparency

Tasha Apau

Sr. Compensation Analyst


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I am amazed by the positive response from early adopters who embraced our platform's safe environment, made possible by the expertise and dedication of the LowCode team.
month-over-month increase in active users
parent satisfaction rate

Ava Mitchell



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Web Design

Impressed by the 40% increase in website visits! We are thrilled with the results and the positive impact it has had on our business.
boost in conversion rate
increase in monthly website visits

John Weimer

Founding Partner

Nest Investments

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Web Design

From the moment I shared my vision with them, they provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the entire development process
decrease in bounce rate
increase in conversion rate

Patrick Duncan



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Web Design

Jesus has been a great resource for me. He and the whole team at LowCode Agency are amazing to work with.
user adoption rate
increase in subscription sign-ups

Brent Doud


Unofficial Fun

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3 Outcome
See your vision come to life as we transform concepts and designs into reality.
Unlock new success for your innovative, quality-driven business.
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Apps for Business

With a 60% improvement in post-surgical care, Jesus and his team helped us provide a healthier, happier recovery for our beloved pets and peace of mind for their owners.
improvement in post-surgical care
reduction in average response time for addressing post-surgical concerns

Carl Damiani



The best no-code and low-code platforms

Our cutting-edge tech stack

Empowering your success

Why customers trust us for no-code development

We’ve built 290+ amazing projects with no-code.
Our process-oriented approach ensures a stress-free experience.
With a 16-strong team, we’ll support your business growth.


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Frequently asked questions

How much time does it take for LowCode to build my app?

It depends on the complexity and the platform chosen, but it could start at around 4 weeks. Here’s a breakdown: We'll start by scoping your project and sending you a proposal. As soon as it has been accepted, we'll begin creating a wireframe, which usually takes a week. We'll jump on a call with you right away to make sure the wireframe accurately represents your needs. After your approval, app building starts, which can vary from 2 to 10 weeks depending on the chosen platform. We have a unique process that makes it really fast and easy to develop your idea into an app.

What types of projects do you do?

Since we have built so many projects for so many different use cases and industries, we can say we have built every type of concept. Of course, your personal spin, market, or idea will make it unique. Healthcare, banking, internet startups, law, and markets are some industries for which we've done a lot of work.

How much am I going to spend with LowCode?

It depends on what you need and the tools that we have to use to achieve that goal. Our minimum is $7,000 for a small, internal business app. You can use our app's cost calculator to get a better idea of pricing.

What happens after I launch?

We have a handoff call where we do a full walk-through of how the software works and how your project is built. On top of that, we provide a ton of written and video documentation. Our support doesn't end there - We help you with app maintenance and develop additional features as your business grows. Think of us as your long-term partner!

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