Top no-code influencers you need to follow

Top no-code influencers you need to follow

The growth of no-code has been more rapid than anybody could have anticipated and is expected to continue to be even more so. Studies anticipate that by 2024, more than 65% of application development work will be done using no-code technologies, and by 2030, the global no-code development platform industry will bring in $187 billion. Furthermore, by 2024, 92% of businesses will be using some form of no-code or solution.

No-code is a development trend that is here to stay. Finding a means to complete the most work and provide the greatest value and functionality with the least amount of time spent is its sole goal. It's also worth noting that anyone, not just software developers, can use no code to create tools, software, and automations.

In any industry, automating processes is just as important as turning ideas into profitable ventures. With no code platforms, even the least technical person can make a cutting-edge automation system for their business.

However, because no code is still a novel concept, getting started may be challenging. Every day, there are more and more tools available for you to pick from, but there aren't many resources to help you navigate them.

Because of this, it's almost necessary to follow the right people to keep up with this movement. If there is a faster and wiser way to do something, no coders have discovered it. And we can guarantee that they will post about it. 

This blog post is for you if you like inspirational individuals that are true experts in the no-code field. We sifted through the chatter to present you with the top 10 industry no-code experts and influencers to pay attention to. Let’s meet them!

Max Heining

Max is the founder of 100DaysOfNoCode, which started as a Twitter challenge when he declared his ambition to finish at least 30 minutes of no-code learning every day for 100 days in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Max witnessed that as more individuals took up the challenge, new enterprises were launched without the need for coding, and learning alliances were formed as each day went by. Max had his "eureka!" moment then, and he expanded 100DaysOfNoCode into an online learning community to help people learn no-code faster and help them reach their goals. 

With the use of the educational platform and online learning community 100DaysOfNoCode, users may create processes that are more efficient and code-free in websites, applications, and software. He holds frequent AMAs, during which he invites leading professionals to discuss recent developments in the community and associated goods.

Max's YouTube channel, which you may already know about because we mentioned it in our list of the Top 10 No-Code and Low-Code YouTube Channels, is also where he shares a lot of his experiences and resources.

Tara Reed

Another essential no/low code influencer to follow is Tara Reed. This former Googler and Microsoftie was focused on writing about her time at these companies on her blog, even though tech entrepreneurship was on her mind. Tara built Kollecto, an app to generate custom art suggestions without writing a single line of code. The rocket had taken off!

Tara found the no-code world so fascinating that she came up with the idea for "Apps Without Code," an online school to assist people who are smart and good at solving problems but don't know how to write code to put their ideas into action. 

Her school educates non-technical folks who want to start successful enterprises and non-technical business owners in building no-code apps and websites. 

Tara has a distinct viewpoint on how a product might be developed and how a company should be operated as a non-technical entrepreneur. So, if you have a great concept but don't know how to code, we can assure you that Tara will help you make it a reality. 

Ben Tossell 

Ben is such a personality in the no-code atmosphere. He founded MakerPad, a website that has (literally) everything about no-code and where anyone interested can learn how to build an app step-by-step.

Makerpad's mission is to explain that anybody needs to learn to code to build a business on the internet and automate work. Whether you're building a personal website, looking to automate your work, or starting work on a business idea, no-code is the simplest way to do them all.

For Ben, it's all about democratizing software development. States that in the future, no one is going to want to write more lines of code or have more specialist tech knowledge to build tools and operate businesses

The fact that Makerpad produced $200,000 in sales in less than a year is even more astounding, and Zapier took notice when it decided to acquire the company just 18 months after its launch. 

Bram Kanstein

Another person on our list of the top no-code influencers is Bram Kanstein, a non-technical product creator who also instructs others in no-code thanks to his experience in a variety of startup/tech-related positions; as a "growth hacker" at The Next Web, a product adviser at a small investment company, a growth marketing consultant at his own business, and a European Community Manager at Product Hunt. 

Through, he learned about no-code and used it to create his websites. Later, he grew his business by using Zapier to automate processes and Trello to keep track of tasks in workflows. Using all of this information, he put together a "stash" of tools and resources for entrepreneurs all over the world. 

When he came across, he had his eureka moment, and it quickly became his preferred website builder. "When I realized I could use Zapier to link Carrd's forms and save data to databases like Gsheet or Airtable. 

At the same time, Ben was creating Startupstash, the world's largest directory of tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs. This platform has become renowned as the most popular product on Product Hunt ever.

Lacey Kesler

Lacey is undeniably the epitome of female support in the no-code community. She and her amazing team promote and support the advancement of women in the field of visual development in a variety of ways.

Before realizing that no-coding was so much more helpful and productive, Lacey worked as the Head of Product for a SaaS startup, where she shared new tools with her followers frequently and tweeted about the hardware and software she used.

Her real no-code adventure began as a result of her passion for graphics and her dislike of coding, as she describes on her website, podcast, and YouTube channel.

Webflow, Airtable, MemberStack, Zapier, Glide, and Carrd are some of the technologies that Lacey uses frequently, and she is constantly searching for new ones to share with her followers.

At the same time, Lacey is the creator of "Women in No-Code" a platform committed to helping women on their journeys and advancing no-code. To support the development of women in the field of visual development, they offer tools, resources, lessons, and much more!

We can assure you that Lacey has you covered no matter how you choose to get your no-code advice, thoughts, and updates.

Check out our curated list of top no-code and low-code podcasts and discover how to build apps without extensive coding knowledge. Start listening now to unlock a world of endless possibilities!

Michael Gill

One of the top no-code influencers out there is Michael Gill. This creator is a true believer that labor shouldn't be used for projects that don't greatly advance businesses and that everything else can be automated. 

He is the creator of the daily no-code newsletter, which features the introduction of a new no-code product, no-code tool, and no-coder every single day. 

Michael is also the creator of Maker Minions, a workshop that, due to its success, was later turned into an e-book in which Michael provides step-by-step instructions for navigating the world of no-code. 

Michael is aware of how crucial a sense of community is to have any type of influence. He wants to help businesses focus their workers on the most important jobs and automate the rest. Although Michael's classes on automation emphasize the technical aspects of business, people are at the center of his philosophy, which is why he founded to enable face-to-face tip sharing among creators in every country.

Gonçalo Henriques

Gonçalo is your influencer if you're looking for no-code advice, ideas, and one or two fun memes!

Goncalo has a lot of experience building websites, and he tried making prototypes without code at first to make them faster and better, which resulted in the birth of NoCodery. 

He is now the co-creator and growth product manager of NoCodery, an online platform that offers detailed instructions on how to construct things, checks out new tools, and connects with professionals who have mastered them. It's a never-ending collection of outstanding and entertaining no-code resources. 

The coolest thing about NoCodery is probably that it can help you get your first no-code job once you've improved your skills.

Follow Gonçalo at: 

Sam Lloyd

Sam is the go-to non-coder in Canada and is gradually engulfing the entire world. With her no-code AI platform, Metaranx, she encourages people to take their no-code journey to the next level. She also gives startup and no-code advice on the Toronto startup podcast Float or Founder.

Sam worked as a content marketing manager in the tech sector before switching to no-code. She used to think that mastering HTML, the industry-standard markup language, was essential for truly excelling at content marketing. No coding platforms have significantly altered the necessity for this.

Doc Williams

One of the pioneers of no-code is Doc Williams. Doc's argument is straightforward: he creates enterprises in real time. Not speculative million-dollar ideas you overhear in your neighborhood bar, but genuine, usable items you can take with you.

He masters no-code streaming like no one else and shows you everything that goes into making a working no-code product, from the idea to the finished product. Doc has a wealth of information, from the most fundamental issues like where you even start to sophisticated pro suggestions.

When it comes to using examples, advice, and live streams chock full of knowledge and insights a non-coder can provide, Doc is the option.

Jesus Vargas

And last but not least, our founder, Jesus Vargas, who has forged himself as a leader in the industry thanks to his work in LowCode and his love for no-code (especially for Glide!), said in his own words: "I fell in love when I discovered Glide apps. I had so many ideas, but they were never put into action since they required a full-time developer. With no code, I could finally create my things and research the market for profitable businesses."

He's been working in the web development industry for over ten years and founded LowCode Agency to provide non-technical entrepreneurs and businesses with a method to use technology without going broke.

Jesus is a pioneer in the no/low code arena, having created more than 267 apps for startups, SMBs, and even Fortune 500 companies like Medtronic and American Express.

LowCode Agency prides itself on developing custom apps 80% less expensive and 70% more quickly than with conventional development techniques where clients receive excellent software that is simple to use, administer, and modify in the future, created specifically with their needs in mind.


You've run out of excuses for not being informed about what's going on in the no-code scene. Whoever you decide to follow will have a lot to contribute, although why not follow them all?

We assure you that with the valuable resources that these no-code influencers share daily, you will be able to make that idea that has been on your mind for so long a reality, and if you need any assistance, remember that at LowCode Agency we can help. 

At LowCode Agency, we can help you automate your business or build a no-code MVP with the best no-code and low-code tools. We’ve produced 267 applications so far, so we know what it takes to create a visually appealing and functional app. Your business should be able to benefit from new ideas, and with our help, it’s all possible! Book a free discovery call today!

Unlock the potential of no-code tools with our expert assistance! Our dedicated teams at Webflow Development Agency, Glide Agency and Bubble Agency are here to help.

At LowCode Agency, we have built over 273 projects using the best no-code and low-code tools on the market. Let us turn your ideas into reality!

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