FlutterFlow apps examples: The 5 best no-code apps built using FlutterFlow
FlutterFlow apps examples: The 5 best no-code apps built using FlutterFlow

FlutterFlow apps examples: The 5 best no-code apps built using FlutterFlow

In the last few years, the no-code and low-code landscape have changed dramatically, not only revolutionizing the traditional way in which apps have been built but also allowing the birth of an infinite number of no-code platforms that are available today.

Nowadays, you can create and effectively launch a no-code app in no time, and the best part is that you can do so without writing a single line of code. 

What is no-code?

No-code is an alternative for programmers and non-programmers to create apps without writing any code. It is all about democratizing technology so that anyone can create any type of software they want without any barriers and without having to spend a lot of money and time.

With no code, anyone can make their dream app without having to learn hard programming languages. How? In other words, you can make good-looking apps and websites by dragging and dropping different pieces onto an interface or platform. Even though no-code platforms employ code to construct your apps, you'll never have to write any of it yourself because the platform will take care of it for you. You just decide how your app will function, how it will appear, and which features you want to add.

No code also represents the future, the chance to take your business to the next level and be known as a modern company by not being afraid to try out new technologies.

Do no-code apps have any limitations?

The quick and simple response is no. With a no-code app, there are no restrictions on what you may achieve. You don't need to use code to address the problem you're attempting to solve for your company.

For instance, you may create an app that helps you keep track of your expenses or your health records; an app that lets you travel freely around the world; a coaching app; or how about an app that helps you save some money for basic services of your home, such as electricity? These are just some examples of the amazing things that you can build using FlutterFlow, which is one of the many amazing no-code platforms out there where the possibilities are practically endless.

What Is FlutterFlow?

FlutterFlow is a no-code builder that allows users to create mobile apps for the iOS and Android app stores. Developers can quickly manage user authentication, define data types in the software's editor, and attach widgets thanks to Google's Firebase integration. 

The platform has also partnered with Algolia and Codemagic to offer deep search, and Codemagic will test and validate the application before it is made available.

The user interface for FlutterFlow is simple to operate. It is possible to create completely working mobile apps using several features.

So, thinking of building an app with FlutterFlow and don't know where to start? We had the chance to reach out to some experts in the FlutterFlow community to find out everything about their apps and how they came up with the ideas. Let’s get right into it!


Creator: Mateo Fuentes

Status of the app: Growing

App link:

Coin app is a financial app whose objective is to simplify anyone's finances. Available in the app store and Google Play, this app has 3 main features:

  1. Definition of budgets per category: allow users to define budgets for each of their expense categories and, plan, control, and adjust their expenses to match their budget.
  2. Creation of trunks to organize savings: Users can create trunks in which they can deposit savings for a specific purpose. Also, a user can define a goal for their saving and monitor their progress.
  3. Setting up automatic recurring logs: Users can automate records for those expenses or income that they have regularly for the same amount.

And two more interesting features are on the way:

  1. Configuration of quick logs: this will allow users to create quick records for those expenses or income that they make more frequently to simplify the registration of their movements.
  2. Shared expenses with friends: this will allow users to track their spending with friends, split expenses, and keep track of their current accounts.


Creator: Nick Karwoski

Status of the app: Growing 

App link:

Tagalong is a health and fitness app that was born out of the personal experience of its creator. In 2016, Nick Karwoski, a triathlete for the National Team, struggled to make ends meet while training full-time for the Rio Olympics. As a way to make more money, he decided to share his knowledge and experience with amateur runners, cyclists, and swimmers who wanted to learn from a pro. Nick found success right away and found it rewarding to assist others in reaching their athletic potential. That's when the idea hit him! 

Tagalong's goal is to link amateurs and pro athletes so that they can progress together through a simple, secure, and practical app with features like private chat, file sharing, appointment scheduling, and many other cool features.

The app stands out from the rest by giving the most individualized training experience possible through one-on-one in-person or virtual training sessions, customized training schedules, and consulting calls.

You can download Tagalong from the App Store and Google Play. 

Listen to our latest episodes of the Low-Code/No-Code Podcast and discover how to build powerful applications without writing a single line of code!


Creator: Mustafa Alwan 

Status of the app: Growing

App link:

Wakenter SS

Kawenter is a great app for any traveler applying for an eVisa or eTA. After submitting your application, you can check its status right on the app, and as soon as it’s approved, users can send supporting documents or download their visa. 

Kawenter is available on Apple, Android, and Huawei devices and also allows users to: 

  • Check Travel Requirements
  • Get Travel Insurance
  • Find Nearest Embassy
  • Check and book flights and hotels 

Go download Kawenter and travel freely around the globe! 

PS. Mustafa, the creator of Kawenter, has a great travel blog too. Don’t miss the chance to check it out.


Creator: Sebastian Larsen

Status of the app: Launched

App link:

Ampower SS

Sebastian, the creator of Ampower, took an adverse situation and turned it into an opportunity. Given the recent energy crisis in Europe, which has left high energy costs, he decided to create a great-looking and easy-to-use app to track current and next day's electricity prices hour by hour.

The prices are market spot prices, so without electricity charges, transport, and what your electricity company charges for the pleasure (and several rounds of VAT).

This app's first roll-out is in Denmark, but Sebastian plans to expand to more countries and more app stores (today it is only available in the Google Play Store). As well as implementing more features and notifications in his app.

Undoubtedly, this app is a great option for all those who are looking to save some money on their electricity bill.

Notre Tribu Santé

Creator: Samuel & Benjamin Athlan

Status of the app: Pre-launch

App link:

Notre Tribu Sante SS

These creators took their personal life experiences and are turning them into a tool that will be useful to everyone. Or in their own words, "We want our personal history to be useful and give meaning to our past." 

Let's get to know Notre Tribu Santé, an app that helps caregivers help their loved ones. This app's mission is to create an environment for collecting, understanding, deciding, and sharing personal and family medical information.

Some of the cool features of this app are:

  • Allow users to take notes of each of their medical appointments
  • Users can share medical records with other members of their family  and health professionals
  • Allow users to prepare their medical appointments
  • The app allows users to be reactive in case of emergency

Notre Tribu Santé is an excellent choice to keep control of your health and that of your loved ones. Stay tuned for its next launch in the different app stores!

We can help you develop your app with FlutterFlow 

Imagine being able to create any app your company requires! Processes can be streamlined, workflows can be made much more effective, and your team can be much more productive overall. Yes, these are the claims made about developing apps without writing a single line of code, and platforms like FlutterFlow can make it possible. 

FlutterFlow may make app development enjoyable and rewarding thanks to its visual drag-and-drop builder where users can connect data, including API connectors, and quickly create multilingual apps 10 times faster than traditional app development

Take the example of the creators you met in this blog post to dare to build the app you've had in mind for so long. As you realized, you don't need to get into the rabbit hole looking for inspiration. Most of the great apps are born as an attempt to solve personal needs, which, at the end of the day, end up being those of others, and suddenly a whole community benefits from your app. Dare to take the first step. We would love the next success story to be yours!

However, keep in mind that it gets harder to manage programs as they become more specialized and advanced and that building an app will use up more of your resources, such as time and money. Even if you don't need to write any code, you might not have much free time if you don't want to lose out on crucial features like scalability and ROI-friendly features. 

Unlock the potential of no-code tools with our expert assistance! Our dedicated team at the FlutterFlow Agency is here to help.

We have built over 273 projects using the best no-code and low-code tools on the market. Let us turn your ideas into reality with the perfect no-code platform for your needs!

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December 8, 2023

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May 30, 2024


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